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Thunderskull Clan

DraclauDraclau Member Posts: 6

Are you looking for a Horde Guild? Are you looking for a RP Guild? Are you looking for a tight-knit community where you know everybody? Well, look no further. The Thunderskull Clan is a Horde Guild looking for a few to add to our Community. The Thunderskull Clan is a branch of the Multi-Mmorpg Guild the Legion of Myth. We are looking to fill a few positions and have some people so at start off we can get going. We accept all races but please read our charter before you sign up because you may not like some of the Racial Restrictions, but then again, you may love them. We do not accept Warlocks into the guild because we follow the Great Warchief Thrall and his Shamanistic ways. If you think you would like to join the Thunderskull Clan, please, use the application on our site and head on over and introduce yourself on our boards. If you do not sign up on the boards and make a post introducing yourself your application will not be taken seriously. Hope to see alot of you soon.

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Boards -

LoM - Guild Recruiter


  • BilgothBilgoth Member Posts: 4
    excellent guild. good people.

  • MaxLiaoMaxLiao Member Posts: 10

    Our site is: from there you can select the game of your choice ... i.e. World of Warcraft.  image

    I invite you all to come and check us out.  On our message board forums, feel free to congratulate Rooks, the World of Warcraft division (Thunderskull Clan) leader, on his new promotion as Chancellor of the entire Legion of Myth!

    Prefect, Capellan Confederation (community website)
    Jiang-jun (General), Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
    Leadership Team, Legion of Myth

  • ZerenZeren Member Posts: 1
    Hello all, I am Zeren Blood'Bane. I am a member of the Thunderskull Clan. I plan on playing and Undead Rogue and look forward to having more members join our ranks and stand beside me against the Alliance.

    Yes, this guild may be small, but full of heart. This guild has come a long way to still be standing and waiting for the WoW release. We are a Roleplaying Horde guild just looking to expand.

    As an Undead member of this guild I would like to explain to anyone else out there that plans to be Undead that we will do our best to help each other as a Guild so the Undead can unite with the horde on Central/Southern Kalimdor, no matter what the obstacles.

    We currently are looking at participating in a lot of PvP, but nothing on that is set in stone as of now.

    I encourage all Horde followers to check in on our website and boards, we will be glad to have your company.

    -Zeren Blood'Bane
    Undead Rogue


  • BilgothBilgoth Member Posts: 4

  • CactusmanXCactusmanX Member Posts: 2,218

    I am dissapointed this clan apparently has nothing to do with the ThunderCats

    Thunder...Thunder...ThunderSkull HOOOO

    you should use that as your call to arms

    Don't you worry little buddy. You're dealing with a man of honor. However, honor requires a higher percentage of profit

  • ImijeImije Member UncommonPosts: 82
    I like the idea but I think the Undead should be left out as well as Warlocks.  Both Thrall and Kairn were supposed to be against letting them join the Horde but they were out voted.
  • BilgothBilgoth Member Posts: 4

    Well our lore forbids them from becoming officers and they are to be tolerated not trusted.

  • DraclauDraclau Member Posts: 6
    Even though they were against the Undead being allies, they did in the end and they issued the order for them to be our allies and for us to Tolerate them as Bilgoth said, and that is what we will do.....

    LoM - Guild Recruiter

  • BilgothBilgoth Member Posts: 4
    Pushing for recruits before retail. Come check us out.

  • jabberwookjabberwook Member Posts: 10


    I played WoW open beta and developed a Shaman up to L30 before the Legion invaded and I died defending Orgrimmar.

    What server will this clan be playing on?  It doesn't make much sense for me to join a guild if we're not on the same servers.

    But I'll be at the store in the morning for my copy of WoW.  Just have to be late for work.



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