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Screwed by gamestop



  • ShiymmasShiymmas Member UncommonPosts: 587

    I always feeeel like....somebody's waaaatchin' meeeeeeee.......


    On that note, who else is passing out AoC accounts for free?  Oh wait, I can buy a copy of the game and get a free month for less than 1 month's sub. Nvm!

    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."
    George Bernard Shaw

    “What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
    Oscar Wilde

  • MustaphaMondMustaphaMond Member UncommonPosts: 341

    and you were "ripped off" how?  Because you willingly bought a game for the price it was clearly marked at?  Because you failed to read the return policy (that's probably printed right on the receipt or was in plain sight as you stood at the register to buy the game)?  Because you are so selfish and insensitive that you don't remember your mom's birthday and don't plan ahead and save money for just that kind of an oversight?

    Yeah, they ripped you off, alright.  I'll be sure to hide my wallet the next time I drive by one of 'em.  Thanks for the warning!

    Jeez... you must be related to some of the wall street jerks who want the government to bail them out for their own mistakes...  Grow up, do your due diligence before buying a game (pricegrabber is a good resource), know the return policy of ANY vendor before doing business with them (and don't act all butt hurt when they do exactly what they warned you about when they sold you the game)...  AND always have a little "rainy day" money saved up just in case.  Oh, and start a google email account and put your mom's birthday in a google calendar (throw grandma's, dad's, brother's, sister's, etc. too while you're at it).  Think about other people before youself.  It all comes back to you anyway.

    Most of all, stop getting emotional and stupid when your own ignorance and lack of planning costs you money.  It's a logical consequence and you should accept it, learn from it, and move on.

  • Konner920Konner920 Member UncommonPosts: 295

    well thanks to the people who was nice to me.

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  • elderotterelderotter Member Posts: 651
    Originally posted by Konner920

    well thanks to the people who was nice to me.
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    Dude, given the title you chose for this thread and your comments within it - You qualify as a person you hate.  Just an observation.

  • LanmoragonLanmoragon Member Posts: 994

    And his profile states he's 29 years old.   Riiigggghhhhttttt.

  • AshkaelAshkael Member Posts: 166



    Gamestop still sells PC games?

  • Dark_QueenDark_Queen Member Posts: 47

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