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Virus in Update

RealmccRealmcc Member Posts: 2


Today I tried to install deicide..I played a long time ago and I wanted to see how was the progress coming..

I instaled it with no worries..He did some updates and so..but in the last 4 updates my antivirus caught a the .exe..What a ****??!! How's that possible?  Shouldn't the game be more supervised or something?


  • LukainLukain Member UncommonPosts: 591

    Whats the name of the virus ? , it could be a false positive


    Example : My friend ran me saying he has a trojan can I come fix it for him , his AV was picking up the file Syncor.exe as a trojan  so before i went to fix it I did a google & wouldnt you know it "not a trojan" but part of files used in things like digital cameras & such which he has .. I emailed him a copy of trojan remover & it scaned & found nothing ..

  • RealmccRealmcc Member Posts: 2

    Ok this is what my Antivirus caught.. I'm not sure either if it's a virus or not..

    11-01-2008 21:21:36 File C:Program FilesDeicideOnline7080201.patch/DeicideOnline.exe: detected virus 'Virus.Win32.Virut.b'.

  • threadmastrthreadmastr Member Posts: 1

    um yeah this has nothing to do with this but i see that u sent him a trojan remover in the mail and was wondering if u hav ne thing for spyware b/c i hav like 20 spyware on my computer but cant remove it

  • DougallDougall Member Posts: 32

    still a virus in the auto patch game was hacked sometime ago easly removed the game still runs lot`s of info on the main site

  • shimanoshimano Member Posts: 12

    Get a prog called spybot s&d its free just google the name and download it from the site.

  • BMDukBMDuk Member UncommonPosts: 6 link to more info on the virus,on main site,i can`t find a download without the virus and if it`s removed the game will not work must disinfect if you can.

  • TremariaTremaria Member Posts: 6

    Still has lots of virus or bug problems....some players have had their computers crash........GM is aware of the these problems but have done nothing to correct these problems......downloads for some players can take hours and still not download all the way.

  • Sacre11Sacre11 Member Posts: 20

    Lots of bugs? I found a website about two years ago (don't remember the name of it) and there ppl looked for bugs, they wrote them down, and checked and likening. On DO i found about 46, so its definitly a lot, if not more thyan a lot. Just so you guys know.

  • blackthorntkblackthorntk Member Posts: 1

    HI I too noticed a virus in one of the mmorpgs 12 sky as I just started today and i use  15 in 1 defender pro.


    i scan the exe it had nothing but as soon as the game updated my firewall tells me i have this virus

    Trojan-GameThief.Win32.OnLinegames.szje  . I really don't understand why a game company would have viruses but then again as I come to noticed with most virus scans they claim there is viruses on many things that don't even have Just so you deleate some software or mp3s and free games but I know this is not the ones i normally saw with pc cillian and many others.  but anyways anyone else have seen this with there first online install update with this game?

    crazy thing is the virus itself steals ur accounts O_o weird for a game company to have that in there updates I hope they fix it soon.  I also got the game from there main site too :/

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