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MMORPG w/ a player run economy?

dazedfinchdazedfinch Member Posts: 21

Alright well I suppose I'm one of many posting about looking for a new good MMO. Preferably one of the "virtual world" types as oppose to questing/grinding all the time. ex: WoW/Lineage 2

I was into StarWars Galaxies since launch until they dumbed it down and ruined it. Right now I really just want something similar to what the game WAS, you have the crafting, player economy, player housing, and trading, yet you also still have the combat, grinding, questing, and pvping.

Looking at most of the upcomming MMO's it looks like "Vanguard" and "Africa" are the types I'm looking for, anyone else have other suggestions? Possibly ones i'm missing and ones that are already released?


  • BladinBladin Member UncommonPosts: 1,089

    I'd probably say Eve, but not only do you have to be a mmorpg fan, but you have to like space combat and spaceships. I did the trial of it and it didn't tickle my fancy, but there are alot of diehard fans, and they will come here going ZOMG EVE IS TEH ROXXORZ IN MEH BOXXORZ, so i figured i'd just get it out of the way.


    Maybe look into ragnarok online, if you can stand its dated graphics it should tickle your fancy.  The world has grown quite large, and the player economy was always thriving(unless its changed in the year/s since i've played iro).

    You can't get player housing in ro tho(unless you count guild castles), that may turn ya off, but the economy, crafting, and trading are some of the best i've seen(okay maybe not crafting...)


    theres also EQ2, its pretty heavy quest/grinding, but it has the best craft system out there, and it has nice player housing.  The economy tho is very similar to wows(with its soulbinding gear).


    I don't think vanguard will be a good game(not it style, but the development of it).  But even when it does, its going to be a VERY VERY VERY heavy grinding game, so honestly it probably isnt what your looking for.


    But overall, try The Saga of Ryzom, the game has really nice graphics, a decent system, and the upcoming expansion will let you basically create parts of the world yourself.


  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    EVE is definitely the best player-run economic system I've encountered yet in a MMOG.

  • RanddRandd Member Posts: 409
    Many of our former SWG brethren have gone over to Ryzom. Tried it out myself and couldnt really get confortable there. There are a few interesting games coming out in the next few months Ryzom does suit you. Giood luck to you

  • Roma Victor is probably the closest thing to SWG coming out soon in terms of economy and such.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,923

    eve,ryzom,horizons are more in line with what you want.If you are rdy to go retro then UO is the daddy .

    Roma victor has similar stuff as you mentioned but its a horrible executed game .

  • RollinDutchRollinDutch Member Posts: 550

    Originally posted by ianubisi

    EVE is definitely the best player-run economic system I've encountered yet in a MMOG.

    EVE is far and away the best market in MMOGs, driven by constant loss through PvP and a large enough universe to allow for meaningful regional differences.

    EVE has also gone from good to bad to terrible to completely fucking broken in the crafting department.

    I suppose it depends which you'd rather have, crafting or market.
  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Originally posted by RollinDutch

    EVE has also gone from good to bad to terrible to completely fucking broken in the crafting department.

    Why would you say that? I make nearly 20 million ISK a day in manufacturing profits alone.

  • RelceeRelcee Member Posts: 1

    Eve Online is a big example of a player-run economy. Gaia Online also has a player-run economy.

  • sanders01sanders01 Member Posts: 1,357


    Currently restarting World of Warcraft :/

  • mindw0rkmindw0rk Member UncommonPosts: 1,356

     There were 2 more games released since topic started: Pirates of the Burning Sea and Darkfall. Both have player run economic


  • SmikisSmikis Member UncommonPosts: 1,045

    this is some old shit.. and what exactly to you is player ran economy  ( none of actually mentioned games are anywhere near succes  tho.. so maybe shit like that isnt for players )

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