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Empty cities?

Hi, i play Voyage Century and it is quite shocking how much the cities are unbalanced in population. go to beirout and it is so empty, so the grinding becomes really boring and feeling very lonely in the game if playing alone. In athens however all people go to sell there, so most people go to Athens and all cities are all empty. I also took a trip traveling and was very stunned to see most cities where empty too except for about 5 selling cities.


  • gimperinngimperinn Member Posts: 7

    mm, i aggree

  • SereniamaSereniama Member Posts: 10

    Indeed... It feels very lonley when I go to those cities :'(

  • memo0omemo0o Member Posts: 6

    well i see ur point from my experience it depends on the goegraphic location but not for athens

    athens is full cuz most new players prefer the europian fashion dress not arabic of alexandria so most newbie start at athens so it is th newbies heaven lol

    Sevilla is always crowded bec it is the place where u are out of medetrian where most ppl pass by it indeed they must pass by it if u going north or south

    other citis are empty cuz not alot of ppl pass by it lol

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