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could patch 3.1.0 be the most important ever ?

googajoob7googajoob7 Member Posts: 866

lets face it something is wrong in warcraft .i know a lot of people will  say theres always been something wrong but if that were true warcraft would nt be the most popular mmo on the planet . its a game thats gone through its highs and lows but its current state seams to be unpopular in game . i m noticing people are actually concentrating on leveling alts because the endgame lacks something since the lich king was released . other players are starting to play less . like myself most players still like wow and still think is the best fantasy mmo out there  ( i ll acknowlage that warhammer offers bettter pvp at the moment and lord of the rings offers a decent pve experiance ) but a lot of people are saying blizzard did nt test the lich king enough and what was initially impressive now seams to have massive faults . what appears to be happening is that the long term community is breaking down in favour of short term play . at present thats not really having much effect on player numbers because a lot of people are awaiting to see what happens in the next patch . so maybe 3.1.0 is the most important patch warcraft has seen . if they get this wrong i think theres a real chance we could see a significant decline in wows subs this year . it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and how much the addiction factor is breaking down .


  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,413

    Don't worry. WoW has been ruined by every single patch and expansion ever released to the game, and it has also been completely ruined because too few patches and expansions have been released to it. And since WoW's release I've seen so many reliable eyewitness repots of most of the players quitting the game permanently that if this rate continues the whole world population must have quit WoW permanently within a few years.

    Yet WoW is still doing well and has more players than ever.

    And yes, people who have completed all the content are playing more on their alts and less on their mains. It's a trend started right after WoW's release, and it became more common after the release of TBC. The WoW community hasn't been destroyed by the last 20 times this happened, wich makes it unlikely that WoW community would be destroyed by it now.

  • templargatemplarga Member UncommonPosts: 1,947

    That patch itself is not as important as the new raid, Ulduar. Blizzard has been highly criticized for making the intro raids too easy. I agree they are easy in comparison to the older ones (or maybe players are just better and more skilled, who knows?). So when Blizzard says Ulduar will be a lot harder, what does that really mean?

    Are they just saying that or is it really that harder? Is it 10% harder or 200%? Will it separate the casuals from the hardcore raiders while allowing both to enjoy the game? 

    These are the questions that are so important. On top of that, will Ulduar be hard enough to keep raiders occupied for months on end until the next content patch?

    However, I think a lot of the people calling for harder raids only have themselves to blame. Seriously, back in the day with EQ, you did not download 15 add-ons that "help" with the fight (some doing your job for you) and you did not go to YouTube and watch the fight while reading the boss strategy.

    Personally, I think if the people calling for harder raids made them harder by learning the fight themsleves, don't have add-ons that tell you exactly what the boss is doing, etc..., then the game would be harder. Much harder. Try running MC in the days before Deadly Boss Mods.

    Imagine a Baron Geddon run where everyone (all 40 people) had to do their job and constantly keep an eye out for being the one who has to run away. That is what made it hard. Mods have made raiding easy but raiders depend on them because most tend to be acheivers and want to do/download/watch/read whatever they can to gain the advantage to be first. No problem, so be it......they can BUT don't come to the forums and complain WOW is too easy. They MAKE it too easy. Don't believe, turn off every addon and go run 25 Naxx and see how easy it is.

    This is what this patch means. Blizzard is either going to make the raids harder to compensate for add-ons (and combine that with their new policy, they could really change some mods that people rely on) or they will be difficult for a while until add-on makers catch up and then we are back to the same ole argument. I think 3.1 will tell the tale of raiding's future and I think a lot if riding on it.

    And just so you do not think I am hypocritcal, the only mods I use are CtMod (not CtRaid) for action bars and such and Questhelper to assist in the leveling of my alts. That is it. Nothing else. No Omen, no Deadly Boss Mods, no Decursive. I rather play a game than play my UI.

  • lareslocilaresloci Member UncommonPosts: 373

    Interesting how a couple of top bloggers  and players are quitting Big Red Kitty just announced his retirement and also Phaelia at Resto4life. Then there's Smatter and Horns at locksucks....is it spring fever or WoW burn out? Now back to reality...

    Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? ~Ernest Gaines

  • Blizzard has been very bold in the past.  Reducing raids from 40 to 25, then adding the whole 10/25 system with Wraith.   As a previous poster said, the biggest 'pitfall' for 3.1 is if Ulduar isn't significantly harder than Nax.   I honestly think a lot of casual players are loving Wrath so far because we are finally getting into raiding.  When people talk about a boss fight on the forums, I know exactly what they mean.  That is very refreshing for someone like me who barely saw any of Kaz and never saw any of the pre-bc raids.

    But I also understand the other side of the coin.... yes, it is great for me.. but there does have to be a difficulty gradient.  Now that most players have at least killed a few bosses in Nax, and many more have finished it.. it's important that 'we' casuals hit some roadblocks in Ulduar or else the real raiders will leave.

    As far as Dual-specs.  I think it is pure win.  Even if you are a dps and don't pvp (ie, no reason to dual spec).. you will see a drastic increase in healers and tanks available.  The only downfall of dual specs is that I think there will be some extra loot drama in pugs.   Like my situation... I'm dps, but I'm probably going to be speccing healer when it is needed.  Does that mean I shouldn't roll on dps gear?

  • templargatemplarga Member UncommonPosts: 1,947
    Originally posted by tinytimmad

    As far as Dual-specs.  I think it is pure win.  Even if you are a dps and don't pvp (ie, no reason to dual spec).. you will see a drastic increase in healers and tanks available.  The only downfall of dual specs is that I think there will be some extra loot drama in pugs.   Like my situation... I'm dps, but I'm probably going to be speccing healer when it is needed.  Does that mean I shouldn't roll on dps gear?


    I won't say pure win but it will be nice for sure. What I am worried about is so many people with hybrid specs will think they can now fulfill any role that their spec allows. So you will have an enhancement Shaman, who has never healed or even really knows the resto tree at all, try to step into Ulduar and heal. Sure it is not rocket science but with the roles comes some needed skill. I have a DK and tried to tank the other night and trust me, I am no tank. I have played a healer my entire MMO life so I am not good at tanking. I am afriad it will cause some frustration when people who obviously have no skill or experience attempt to fulfill other roles now.

    However, on the other side of the coin, this might be good because those of us who are damn good healers will really be recruited heavily for stuff too.

  • Yeah, I was only talking about PUGs.. and hopefully there will be NO pugs in Ulduar.  I was more talking about just heroics.. even a bad player, specced properly can heal an heroic.  I've healed Nax and Saph specced as a moonkin, so it can't be that hard.

    Tanking..  I think dual specs will be just like DKs... a lot of people will try to tank once, and then give up it.  Tanking requires skill that is outside of a 'spec'... and actually DK's are the hardest to tank with now.   Bears, Pallys and Warriors all have their AOE spammable skill that is enough to get them through heroics.

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