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So sweet it makes my teeth rot.

RonaruudoRonaruudo Member Posts: 102

I'm starting to think companies like IGG try to appeal to a younger audience, because lately the increase in cute/anime MMORPGs has been quite noticable. Ofcourse there's going to be complaints about things like looks and originality, but hey. If you're 8 years old it doesn't really matter. (Unless you grew up playing WoW, but I'd be afraid to meet someone like that)

Me? I'm going to give it a shot like every other cutesy game I've seen. I saw that they have robots and technicians here, which might still my hunger for Steampunk related things.



  • RexionRexion Member Posts: 25

    I'm going to play this game and give it a chance. I can deal with cutesy graphics. I played FlyFF (got bored because it was a grind fest) and ROSE (quit because it was unfinished and being made a Pay to play).

    Both games were cutesy 'n kiddy. I didn't care, I gave them a chance.


    I'm excited for when this is done downloading and I can play. If this doesnt suite my liking, I'll just try to find another IGG game.

    The game seems pretty interesting with all the features and classes and such. So, it's worth giving a shot. Who cares that it has "crappy graphics".

  • RonaruudoRonaruudo Member Posts: 102

    I honestly apologize if I made anyone download and play this game. My lord, such horrible controls. Such slow response. Such GRINDING. "Yeah, we got classes that focus on crafting stuff!" You know what that means? It means "Hey, now you can grind on two different things!"

    The 'starter blob' monster isn't even interesting to beat up. At least Poring were fun to lure and smack. These things are...boring. Just like the attacks.

  • silverstreamsilverstream Member Posts: 3

    I've been playing this game for over a year now. It might get better once yu reach out of level thirties or fourties, but in my opinion, I got pretty bored really fast. the only thing that kept me playing was the friends I made. Some people get too addicted into this game, and those who get addicted are the people who use Item Mall. Not to mention, Item mall in Ao is quite expensive. So I really think this is a waste of time, because I now regret playing this game, spending my one year of my life playing this game, when I really could live without.

  • RexionRexion Member Posts: 25

    I got bored. yuck.

  • silverstreamsilverstream Member Posts: 3

    Lol...How long did yu last?

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