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my lucky day.

thanos1313thanos1313 Member Posts: 183

im gonna try to keep this story as short, and sweet as i can..without making it utterly pointless and boarderline spam

so, i was playing WoW today, normal day..did a few dailys, got to level 78 questing in storms peak..still kinda new there, not even sure the names of the sub-zones..i was doing a few quests in the one area on the mountains. for the tall blue woman. not sure what they, or the area is called. and i noticed that tell tale blue ! of a daily quest, picked it up it was fairly simple..just had to beat six mobs. get it done, turned it in since its all in the same zone. my reward was alittle bag. opened it up and it just so happens that inside was the reins of a white polar bear mount. i dident think much of it. as im not really a lucky person for drops or rolls..the only item i've gotten out of a raid so far was zul amen, because the master looter felt sorry for me. so i decided to look into the drop rate, and then i noticed...HOLY FUCK! i got a 1% mount on my first try, without even realiseing i could get it! now..id like to tell you guys more..but i gotta go pick up some lotto tickets

breaking news, a brawl broke out between the hogger and arthas the lich king downtown gadgetzan. there where no survivers


  • illidannillidann Member Posts: 5


  • grandpagamergrandpagamer Member Posts: 2,221

    yes gratz thats a good score.

  • bongo123bongo123 Member Posts: 304

    gratz & nice one on the lucky drop, ive been playing on and off since launch and have yet to wear purple!! lol no luck here whatsoever

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