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Fire Your Questions about Thang Global Here

KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11

You can ask questions about Thang Global here and I will answer them with my utmost knowledge about the game.


  • erikeneriken Member Posts: 96

    Originally posted by Karimlan

    You can ask questions about Thang Global here and I will answer them with my utmost knowledge about the game.

    Never heard of it. What kind of game is it?
  • KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11
    Hmm... I was expecting questions from a newbie who played the game but having difficulty on what to do next. Your question can be answered on the "overview" tab of this website but nevertheless I will gladly answer it of what to expect on the game.

    Thang Global is the appropriate name of Thang Online as what is seen on it's official website. It is basically a hack and slash 3D mmorpg with some unique twists or concepts on its own. "Dien" is the currency revolving in game and " Lune" is the special currency bought with real money for special "timed"  items used for power levelling like experience scrolls, resurrection scrolls, stats alterating rings and etc. Monsters adapt depending with the player's level like morphing into another monster instead of dying instantly. Sad to say, there are only few maps to go around with but the monsters give good drops making it easy to accumulate "dien" in no time. The community is good, one of the reasons why some veteran players keep on coming back from higher ranked mmorpgs because they accumulated so many friends in the game.

  • erikeneriken Member Posts: 96
    ty sir!

  • yilun227yilun227 Member Posts: 14
    What kind of spells are there? or skill
  • und3siredund3sired Member Posts: 11
    I'm back!!

    Anyways, I was able to make my account now, Which i've been waiting for for the last month.
    But now there's another problem, An " Open GL problem"
    Any Help?

  • KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11

    I am very sorry for not being online for this past few weeks. Too busy doing something. I will answer all your questions when I get back, thank you for your patience.image

  • KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11
    Ah yes, the famous OpenGL problem for the gamers.

    Most games nowadays depend much on OpenGL support system rather than Direct3D on Video Cards especially if they render too many edges and dimensions. Online games with their complex 3d renderings need OpenGL like Thang Global.

    Your Video Card/Graphics Controller probably has not been updated therefore the OpenGL patch/driver is not yet installed. When the message,"Thang Online is an OpenGL based game, you can update with the latest graphics driver at our website" appears, just click ok and ignore the misleading link wherein you are sent to the registration form instead in the OpenGL drivers database. Just go to the FAQ section or the DOWNLOAD section and click the DRIVERS tab. Download the appropriate driver corresponding to your Video Card/Graphics Controller. Try to restart your computer and run the Thang Client once again. If the same message appears asking for the OpenGL driver, you must have downloaded the wrong driver. Do check your Video Card/Graphics Controller NAME/BRAND and install again or browse for your "video card/graphic controller name" + opengl patch.

    Always check the Minimum Requirements of any game because conflicts and wrong error codes arise if game specs are not met.

    Hope I helped.image

  • kcrawford888kcrawford888 Member Posts: 1

    hey, I heard about thang online from a friend and I really want to play it. But when I went to register for an account I read the terms of agreement and the privacy policy. After this I checked off the agree to terms and I pushed next. But when the next page was loaded an error on the website or something occurred and no page was opened. To make sure it wasn't just my computer that was causing the error I went to 2 other computers but still got the same error page. Any idea why? Please help me.

  • KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11

    The main website can only process the Internet Explorer web browser and not on other formats, I think. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or a different web browser, do change it and open the site using the Internet Explorer. That way, there will be no bugs and all buttons and links will function properly.

    Hope I helped.

  • AnyandrellAnyandrell Member Posts: 12

    Thang is gone for quite a while. I wonder when does update their gamelist database?

    Where are we going and why am I in this basket?

  • bambi28bambi28 Member Posts: 2

    Hello i had just recently downloaded and installed Thang Online. I was away from the game for a while and i wanted to play again. but after doing that i am having loading problems. i am having problems with the loading of the game, and now the site part where you download it, as i thought i would unistall it and reinstall it again. please if anyone knows what is going on i would be greatly happy for your answers. thanks for your time. :)

  • KarimlanKarimlan Member Posts: 11

    I regret to inform you that Thang Online is already down. Not sure though when will it be back or might be closed forever.

    When you click on the link to the website of the game, it will automatically redirect you to Deicide Online which is the new game the publishers is trying to market so that players of Thang will be hooked up again to no avail.

    They didn't even give a notice before they down all servers of Thang Online, so go figure. It will be the same with this game if it becomes a handicap for the company. Talk about customer service. I advise that newbies should stay away from playing any games produced by this company for it will just be a waste of money and time.

    For further information, check out the forum of the Deicide Online website, you will see what happened when you browse the Off Topic thread regarding the matter.

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