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best free mmorpg



  • I like these mmo..


    1. Dream of Mirror Online - coz i can change race anytime i feel like to without having to use the other character slot


    2. Ragnarok Online - i just love it..


    3. Angels Online - It's cool, love the graphic and i can equip combination of skill the way i want


    Try Tales Runner fun racing game

    Also warrock,flyff, upshift strikeracer dance online .

  • AsprnBtlAsprnBtl Member Posts: 116

    lots of good choices, gonna go with atlantica online

  • SquishydewSquishydew Member UncommonPosts: 1,107

    I'd have to say Atlantica online and Runes of magic would be your best bet..

    And even though Runescapes graphics are not the best ever, I'd pick that over most grinders out there, It still has a lot to do.. I know, you all think It sucks, dont even start.

    Really, why to people vote for flyff? It's a pure grind from 1 to.. Err, 120? Then you do a quest to do it all over again to become stronger..

    Flyff is definatly in my list of top 5 most horrible F2P games.

  • lord_bisonlord_bison Member Posts: 16

    I have dabbled in the first 10 levels of Runes of Magic recently. Its a bit cluttered at the start but it has some good ideas and there is loads and loads of stuff to keep you busy. The graphics are pretty good, if a little more cartoony than WoW. Its got PvE, PvP and all the sprinklings that go with it, plus a nice little Diablo style transmuter for some Rune variety.

    For a free game this represents amazing value! Obviously because its free. This is the best I have seen or played. Will keep you occupied for ages.

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  • CyntheCynthe Member UncommonPosts: 1,414

    I'd also have to recomend Runes of Magic, it's pretty solid for F2P. It still has a few annoying bugs but it is the most complete free mmo I've played. More importantly it's tons of fun. :)


  • VishiAnandVishiAnand Member Posts: 239

    why not try this f2p MMORPG called atlantica online. its current the no.1 in this hype ranking for MMO games. try checking this game out.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 42,591

    1) Best

    2) Free

    3) MMORPG

    Pick any two.

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  • Max-OMax-O Member Posts: 6

    Wait For Face Of Mankind (FoM) Open Beta to come out.

    For updates and other information check out the website or  

  • vonkeitzvonkeitz Member Posts: 166

    For me the best free to play MMORPG is Cabal for hack and slash and Atlantica Online for turn based.. but recently i play more Atlantica Online than Cabal

  • kimz0nekimz0ne Member Posts: 3


                  Try SRO and Cabal its a nice game

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,938

    Runes of Magic...

  • ExpatriateExpatriate Member Posts: 202

    There's only one:  RYL

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  • PopohioPopohio Member Posts: 21

    MS, RO :3

  • celiabaobaoceliabaobao Member Posts: 5

    always the game win the "best" title doesnt deserve it.

    What are really good usually keeps quiet, but majority know it

  • DorValentineDorValentine Member Posts: 3

    rappelz got pretty boring in like an hour or two imo, so try requiem bloodymare

    very intense gameplay and graphics are phenominal also free

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  • beryl87beryl87 Member Posts: 4

    let me see see,my favorit mmorpg is GODS WORLD,the product of IGG

  • eldanesh117eldanesh117 Member Posts: 141

    My favs...

    Cabal Online - The skills look awesome

    2Moons - Only for the skills. The game sucks because its all grind.

    Ragnarok Online - Love this to death and I'm still playing it.


  • Nagrand99Nagrand99 Member Posts: 17

    Try games like,,  and try look at the rate of the list in MMORPG

  • bungkawtsingbungkawtsing Member Posts: 3

    i reall don't have an idea on what to play... but i have already tried ragnarok, wow and atlantica online. but i think, AO is the only f2p amongst the games that ive mentioned. could you guys please guid me? PM me please! thx in advance. :D

  • masteryoyoymasteryoyoy Member Posts: 9
    Originally posted by loep

    been playing last chaos lately having been tired of eq2, wow, vanguard just wondering what other free mmorpgs you wonder peeps would recommend playing


    try wow, atlantica online, runescape, LOTR.. there is also a list of mmo games here at mmorpg.. wahaha.. ^_^

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