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Old Movies You Have To See Before You Are Buried!



  • baffbaff Member Posts: 9,457

    The Wizard of OZ.

    Everyone in life should know what a Munchkin is.

  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718

    Samurai Seven

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  • ThrakkThrakk Member Posts: 1,226
    Originally posted by Zindaihas

    Yahoo has compiled a list of 100 must see movies before you die.  Thought it was appropriate for this thread.


    I disagree with their choice of Princess Mononoke (for a miyazki film there is much better)

    And I personally hated Fast Times at Ridgemont High... I prefer Porkys lol

  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    Ice Age is a must see. It's not very old except if you see by comparison to my age, it's ~41% of my age old! I can hardly come up with another movie that I've seen.



  • CactusmanXCactusmanX Member Posts: 2,218

    I didn't like Citizen Kain, for some reason I came under the impression it was about a serial killer, but when I watched I was gravely dissapointed.

    Not as old but good none the less,

    The Gods Must Be Crazy

    Easy Rider

    Back to the Future all of them

    Original Texas Chainsw Massacre

    Breakfast Club... Ha!

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  • saniceksanicek Member UncommonPosts: 368

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