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Now is the best time to check out LotRO



  • gloine36gloine36 Member UncommonPosts: 28

    I do see a larger amount of the afore mentioned bears, pigs, and wolf/wargs. However, to me it seems more natural. I don't have oddball creatures showing up all over the place that would have no reason to be there. I encounter the monsters as what they would be: monsters. Not common everyday crawling all over the place monsters.

    Animations in the game are great. Graphics are nice but content is king. The story drives the game. The game advances the story. The world around the game makes the story come to life. LOTRO pulls it off extremely well.

    I'm looking forward to the legendary weapons the expansion brought into the game. I think the ability to build up a weapon into a legendary item via use is an excellent idea.



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