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when does eqii come out?

SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

wow...that was a very accurate release date!

8/16/03 6:03:22 PM
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dirka dirka!

this is an actual artical from

When is EverQuest 2 coming out?

The official release date is Q4 2003. That is the end of this year. Any other dates that you see posted anywhere other than official SOE and EverQuest 2 websites is pure speculation (yes, this includes retail stores).

Will the game come out on time?

SOE has assured us that they are still set to release EverQuest 2 by the end of this year.


so...i dunno if u wanna change it or notimage

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  • AdrealAdreal Member Posts: 2,087

    wow...that was a very accurate release date!

    Yeah, lol. knock that back to 2005

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