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To play or not to play

Hi, I was very excited about when this game came out and i played it for a good few months. My playing style is usually explore and goof around so I don't do a whole lot of lvling, think i was lvl 19 at my highest.

In my experience this game was great! I loved the quests and yes it was somewhat of a grind fest and slow lvling but it kept me in, Great players if you manage to find one amoung the endless shops and bots.

   Pros: So the game looks great, and has cute characters and it's easy to get the hang of.

   Cons: Bots, they exist and there is far to many of them. Classes are unbalanced (Hunter reigns supreme) Slow leveling would be a con to many but i don't mind it all that much. Gold spammers galore.

P.S. (this was based off of my personal experience and i did not attempt to join a differen't server. Also i never check back on my posts so a reply is kinda pointless if directed at me


  • silentkill12silentkill12 Member Posts: 5

    My cousin is referring this game to me a long time a go. I couldn't find the download site that time hehe. It seems cool

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