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a good and easy job

angelana89angelana89 Member Posts: 21

So i'm playing the game, and I was wondering what's a good job out there?


Am I that curious?


  • randomtrandomt Member UncommonPosts: 1,219

    I wouldn't call it a game.. its more like a framework in which people have put up games.. pretty much a second, 3d internet on top of the normal internet.

    Making models is one 'job', if you are good at that.. especially if you are good at coding and can do some neat stuff with your objects

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  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

    There really isn't any easy job outside of camping.

    You're going to need awesome social skills, decent technical skills, amazing artskills+patience, or lucky scamming+ban dodging skills.   All of those are reletivly accurate descriptions and the last one isn't recommended for obvious reasons.

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  • Arra_JinxArra_Jinx Second Life CorrespondentMember Posts: 29

    Depending on the gender of your AV you might want to look into one of the many modeling agencies in SL. It pays a bit better than camping and does not require taking clothes off lol. Basically SL model are living mannequins to display clothing for various shops. Also there are a lot of shops that use greeters and again the pay is better than camping. One last thing is contests at clubs, many of them will have best/worst dressed and a varity of other contests, so explore, find your favorit place to hang out, and get in their group so you get notifications of contests. You can message me in game if you need any help.


    Arra Jinx

    Arra Jinx

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