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Links to shiva screens that are being tested on beta sever

TrentVentureTrentVenture Member Posts: 9

Here are some links to shiva Pics(From test sever) for november release.

Its free and its huge,adds so much new game new  dynamics,ships,deployables.

With the resourses of the larger Alliances using this stuff..its all

going to GO OFF  big TIME .........COOL  let the games BEGIN!! :)

If you dont know about EvE goto this link and read for most of your answers

will be on this site below



Read about shiva here


some  pics of shiva on the below links



Have Fun :)..and see you....OUT THERE image


  • CatastrofikCatastrofik Member Posts: 43

    Very cool, thanks for the linkage. I can't wait to actually see the new stuff on my screen :)



  • kmimmorpgkmimmorpg Member Posts: 624

    Originally posted by TrentVenture

    some  pics of shiva on the below links

    Nice pics...i like how the missions will be updated with your progress, and actual explosions look kewl too. Thanks for link

    I happened to read the chat in one of the pics, funny how people complain (not constructive criticism)  on test servers also...

  • AzerethAzereth Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the Shiva info/sceenshots.

    Im pretty excited about Shive myself, with all the new items and systems coming into play... its like a wet dream ;o


    Hurrah for Eve!



  • MrPopovMrPopov Member Posts: 217

    here's a short Trailer CCP has produced (in conjunction with a player) for Exodus (aka Shiva)

    Righ7 Cl1ck M3h

  • TrentVentureTrentVenture Member Posts: 9
    Yep thats pretty neat.

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