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Global Agenda better be free



  • rhadamant518rhadamant518 Member Posts: 18

    You've got such a negative attitude! Free MMO's can be fun. I particularly enjoyed Saga, however yeah, if you paid for it the game got probably a lot more fun. You know what else is pretty cool? Free games in general. How can people turn down playing the original F.E.A.R. for free?


    With that said if you really love free games just hop from alpha's to beta's and never play when they are released. Personally I enjoy sticking to a game I love, but if you are that cheap then do what you please. The way I figure 15 bucks a month is like ... half a tank of gas or going to a movie with snacks. Worth it? Oh yeah...

  • zeeboidzeeboid Member UncommonPosts: 7

    In general, you get what you pay for, but 15 bucks a month is a wee bit crappy.


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