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Seems like they have been working on housing forever ? is it in the game yet ?  


Any enhancing/deepening of crafting ?


  • varnos7varnos7 Member Posts: 4

     As in houses you can live in etc.  I just recently restarted, having been turned off from being removed from the Malayzia server, and having to start all over in US Servers.  There is no feature for your own house.

  • ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108

    The expansion for housng has been in test forever in other I was just hoping......

  • xaussxauss Member Posts: 384

    occasionally i use to get items for housing when doing daily WQ on PW-MY (i quit a year ago)... so i tried my best to find out if/when housing would be introduced...

    considering MY was the only english version at the time, most of the info came from that community, but i was told all the other (chinese, japanese, phillipines etc) servers had no housing either (all of which were further advanced than MY-Eng - more items in item mall, more instances) and that all housing had been permanantly shelved when PW changed from a subscription model to cash-shop.


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