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My very first MMO

RekhytRekhyt Member Posts: 39

This was my first MMO ever, I enjoyed playing on it for a while. Unfortunately, the game is dieing down slowly but surely. There just aren't as many people interested anymore, because games with better graphics have been developed over the years. It was great for its time, but its time is almost up.

I'd have to say, that when Nexus company owned the game, It had a much better feeling to it. Even the music you heard when you were first logging in (the music you'd hear now in the land of "Abel" in the game) made you felt like the game was truly set in the dark ages....KRU made the game lighter and more friendly, which dosn't really match the theme. Too much grinding for not enough quests, once you get your GM gear and onwards.

With its flaws though, I must say again, it was my first MMO ever, and I had a great time playing it.



  • VitFalkVitFalk Member Posts: 6

    The bad graphic is a reason why I play it. But I'd say it's good graphic.

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