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pacificnwpacificnw Member Posts: 1

This is a horrible little game with extremely poor customer service as well as lack of content and the people are rediculous. There is so much drama in this little game, so many people who like to bad mouth each other. The game master doesnt care abou the game at all, not doing anything about harassment which happens quite often. This game is enough to make any player sick and I *strongly* discourage people from playing. I say this not as an angry customer but more so as a concerned consumer.


  • ElvendarElvendar Member Posts: 12

    Originally posted by KRU Interactive

    If you are being harassed by another player within the game,

    1. Ask the player to stop, and notify them that you wish to have no further contact with them. (It is important you ask them to stop, it is not considered harassment if you do not.)

    2. You may prevent any character from whispering you by adding them to your ignore list. To do so, press the F9 key.

    3. If the player continues to harass you after step two, take a screenshot and report the player to a Ranger. If there are no Rangers around, you may report the case to Dark Ages Support, (submit a ticket and attach the screenshot).

    4. Do not initiate any contact with the harassing player. It is not consider harassment if you are initiating contact. If you are requesting that a player has no further contact with you, the same rule will apply to you.

    There is a place to complain about this, you know -- KRU interactive support. The above quote comes from the FAQ.

    ( )

    I personally play a Ranger, too, so if you had a problem, you could have always come to me.

    Your reaction on this forum is nothing more than an angered rant, so really, don't try to play that "I'm not an angry customer" bit -- you're clearly trying to sabotage the game -- and seemingly only because of the actions of another player!

    Have a nice day; I'm sure the next MMO you play will bend over backwards because someone called you a meanie.

  • SweetSenseSweetSense Member Posts: 33

                i have try this one , don't like it , and i dont know why it have soo big user rating for...nothing?

    never cry ......just screem

  • BurningTurtlBurningTurtl Member Posts: 2

    Well I agree with Elvendar, the rangers are actually pretty useful and you can usually find one arrest you at least thats how it was before.  Since I got arrested like 7-8 times =/ I didnt harrass anyone btw, just broke out of jail a couple times for what reason? I dun remember Haha

    But then pacificnw is completely accurate as well, there are so many freaking harrassers its not even funny =/

  • VitFalkVitFalk Member Posts: 6

    So how long did you test the game anyway...?

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