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Honestly, its time for a classic server.



  • LakadianLakadian Member Posts: 1

    This is the feedback I just sent to UO.



    I listed my Siege char just to have one to list. I have long since deleted my chars and cancelled my accounts. I tried a while back to re-activate my account and couldn't actually. I was told to come here and state my opinion on the current state of the game. I left for two reasons; 1. Let's face it...the graphix suck. In '98 they were acceptable.....now? Yeah. They suck. 2. All the reasons I played the game were taken from me over the years. Give the veteran players what we are asking for. Give us a pre-T2A shard. I could even accept an early rennaisance shard.  I am currently looking at the boxes for UO:Rennaisance, UO:Third Dawn, UO:Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, UO:AOS, UO:Samurai Empire, and UO:Mondain's Revenge in a stack here on my desk. I waited with baited breath for UO:X and was left out in the cold. One or the other (graphix or a ruleset fix) could have kept me and 10's of thousands of other dedicated.....no, committed customers in the game. With Darkfall on the rise....I fear you have lost us all forever. To make a point...see all those boxes I bought? I didn't include the 3 copies of UO:Ren or 2 copies of "Gold Edition" I bought. Know what else? I've never so much as taken a trial account of Everquest. So many of us were so die hard and yet were left out in the freezing so that EA could accomodate new players. Thanks for the years and thanks for your time.



    I've played UO since Ren, DAoC, SWG, WoW, Vang, LotRO, GW, Horizons, and am currently playing WAR and waiting patiently for Darkfall...but even if they WERE to give us what we've asked for, NOTHING could ever duplicate that feeling we had then.  Those of us that were playing MMO's in '97-'99 witnessed something special.  When I first found out what that purple potion did....when I saw my first red....when I killed my first troll and thought I'd actually accomplished something....carrying everything I owned until I met that red I talked about.  My heart racing, leaning up into the 'puter screen, and after it was over sitting back and taking that deep breath and knowing I'd found something amazing....and terribly addictive.

  • aerogradaerograd Member Posts: 53

    I started playing after the Trammel split, so not having forced PvP is not a big deal to me now.  I certainly understand those who played UO before Trammel and loved it only to see their game changed to the extent to drive them away. 

    I have recently returned to the EA servers (playing on Europa mainly now, but played on Great Lakes back in 2000-2004).  I am enjoying the game a lot. 

    I do have some issues with it though. 

    One is the gear.  I really miss the days when I wielded a Power mace, or looted a monster corpse and got that silver weap, or found an insanely good deal on a vanq weapon from a player shop.  Then there was the GM armor... colored ingots or leather or studded plain GM armor.  Now you have to decipher resists and other bonuses, boosted skills or stats via scrolls, etc.  Not to mention neon colored stuff.  All of that is just plain insane and not nearly as attractive as the "good old days" when the question was "Do I use a halberd, a bardiche, or a sword?"  rather than "Can I find an artifact weapon that gives me X number of bonuses?"... or whatever. 

    I tried a freeshard (can't remember which one right now) and it was truly old UO - 2D, incredible lag, 100 starting gold, PKs, etc.  I started in Moonglow and could hardly do anything though. Training even a basic weapon skill up on a training dummy was so slow (you only start with 100 gold, so no buying skills up to 30 from an NPC right off).  Maybe I just picked the wrong free shard, but I thought it was one of the more popular and hyped ones. 

    I'm not opposed to trying another freeshard.  I just need to find one that has good performance and mirrors what I am looking for.  In the meantime, I'll keep playing on Europa and having fun.  Who knows if by some miracle EA does open a classic server of some kind, I assume I'll be able to transfer my Europa characters over to that shard right? 


    Playing WoT now.

    Favorite All-Time Games: Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online

  • GrumiumGrumium Member UncommonPosts: 57

    I read this and before trammel there was no gate camping. The gates would randomly take you to a different city. There was no menu where you picked a place  and it took you where you wanted to go.  There was no need for gates then unless you wanted to mark some recall ruins.  They made the gate menu so you could switch from Fel to Tram.  Honestly no one was at any of the gates before tram becasue of this reason. Everyone was in dungeons or doing other things in the game. The gates in my opinion are sucky because it kind of takes some fun away from the game.

    More likely then not if you wanted to fight pk's you went to the xroads near brit, or you could go to the brit graveyard. I loved the server wars where the server stopped saving at or around 4am eastern time and everyone that wanted to pvp could go to the graveyard and have at it. At least on Chessy thats how it was. I have not played UO since about 5 months after tram. I tried to like it after Tram but it was just never the same game.

    I don't post very often to this site this is my second post. I guess I just came here because I miss what a great mmo was like.  I have played alot of them and none can compair to what pre tram uo was.

  • King-KongKing-Kong Member Posts: 95

    server wars were awesome!

    ...then EA "fixed" those too...

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