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Who played in the original UO Beta?

JLeslieJLeslie Member Posts: 25

A lot of us did, but did anyone keep a copy of the Beta FAQ?

I can't find the original UO Beta FAQ (I get all the later FAQs). I remember it being one of the funniest FAQs I'd ever read... but I suppose some of that was from the anticipation.

Anyone have it still? Or a link?


  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    ya sure let me pull that out real quick.. ohh ya i dont have it cuz its like 8 or 9 years old


  • dominik.komdominik.kom Member Posts: 33
    I have a credits file with all the quotes from when they were producing the game. Is that what you were talking about?

  • AckbarAckbar Member UncommonPosts: 927

    I still have my original UO beta cd. Loved that game to death it wasnt uncommon for me to go on 58 hour playing streaks during the beta. Spending hours spamming fan forums during downtime. I was only like 17 at the time too. God those were the days. I had so much fun that beta running around pking. Fighting and killing guards and stealing their plate armor. Fighting the invisible chickens. Tons of great bugs like when guards wouldnt stop spawning over and over again and at one point i was surrounded by like 350 guards filling the whole screen.

    Man those were good times.

    I pked some kid that was the official paige for the beta. Good times again. The best was how the wipes were so often pretty much everyone was on an even playing field and it was total chaos everyone running everywhere. Logging on for the first time and finding somones body and looting their brain had me hooked.

    Easily the best gaming experience of my life was UO beta.

    ----ITS A TRAP!!!----

    ----ITS A TRAP!!!----

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