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New to the game, looking for tips

As i write this im downloading Voyage Century and im not sure what to expect or how to play. Id apprechiate any tips you guys have on playing and what to expect.


  • MagikarpsGhostMagikarpsGhost Member RarePosts: 684

    Well the game is pritty good. you got your n00bs and asses like any other game. Makeing gold on there is not as hard as most think i can make 400k in an hour as a trader. Running from prot to port selling goods from other lands. Thought the combat is a little hard to get use to and storms are somethign you just want to avoide

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  • feverxufeverxu Member Posts: 4

    well,i think  this reply is too late

    as the topic ,this is a guide from VCO forum


    i hope it helps to those newbies who just enjoy in the game

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