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Worth it?

thunderclapthunderclap Member Posts: 4

I have been trying to get into a good MMORPG for a couple years. I have tried EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot and Earth Above and Beyond. I get bored with these games very quickly however. I like the traditional pen and paper role-playing, where there is adventure and quests and fighting. These games, generally, are all about fighting to raise stats to kill bigger and badder things. This gets boring very quickly for me.

Earth Above and Beyond was closer to what I wanted: exploration, what appeared to be an expansive story (but not really), and alternatives to JUST fighting. But, once again I found myself going through the typical motions to raise stats.

EVE looks promising but I don't want to spend $20 to try it (call me cheap). Does EVE offer more than the typical fighting to raise stats formula? Is the game world constantly changing? How hard is it to learn gameplay? I'm not a person that can afford to play every day for hours... maybe a few hours a week at most: can I still keep up with people that can spend more time playing?

Thanks for your opinions and advice.


  • MonkiboyMonkiboy Member Posts: 13

    Eve's skill system seems suited to your play style. Ill say that right now.

    Basically- you train in real time- not by breaking rocks a billion times and finally reaching "Grandmaster". Rather, in Eve, there are 202 skills currently- that you train by focusing on one skill- the game then trains it in real time for you in the background. So you can set a skill that might take 9 hours, go to work, come home and the skill will finish- you then set the next one.

    You can do things to accelerate your skill growth, using the new learning skills- or by investing in implants that boost your attributes.

    Missions are OK in Eve, they do get a bit boring, but the real fun in Eve (in my opinion) is to be had by fighting other players. However, others enjoy supplying ships and equipment to people like me, by manufacturing them using manufacturing skills at factories. Others- research blueprints and make them cheaper to turn into actual ships or modules. There are others still- who mine the ores that the others use to produce equipment.

    The galaxy in Eve, has 5000 systems in it. The core systems are safe (~1.0), the outer rim systems are unsafe and are usually a war zone (0.0), but there are much riches to be had being in a player run alliance in 0.0 space. It can be risky- but very fun :)

    outta time- gotta run- hope this helps :)


  • Demian_SkyDemian_Sky Member Posts: 21
    Fortunately for a lot of us, EVE is designed so that you don't have to commit a lot of time to it to keep up with skills.  Also, you don't ever have to fight if you don't want to.  For the first 8 months I played EVE, I never fired a shot--- except when the dread pirate Lord Zap killed a corp mate and we went to hunt the bastard down (big mistake).  At any rate, don't worry about wasting 20 dollars--- play the 14 day free trial!!

  • Torment1982Torment1982 Member Posts: 156

    Unless your dead set in playing the big games like those, you might find more what your looking for in the various text-based muds.  I would definetely try the 14 day trial in eve first though like was suggested.


    This the home page of a MUD i used to play, it is text-based but the game is DEEP.  Of course the players of this are serious role-players and the GM's actively enforce it, if you can live with that, the game is quite impressive.  Easily one of the best games I've played, compared to your questions tho it does have a nasty learning curve, and the people who have been there years you will never be able to compete against, however for playing a couple hours a week you'll end up getting a surprising amount out of it.

  • thunderclapthunderclap Member Posts: 4

    Where do I sign up for the 14-day trial? All I see on their site is a sign-up fee of $20. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • ArgeanArgean Member Posts: 126

    Originally posted by thunderclap
    Where do I sign up for the 14-day trial? All I see on their site is a sign-up fee of $20. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    The 14day trial is over..... I can send you a 7day trial. Just post or pm me here with a email address I can send it to.





  • JhughesyJhughesy Member Posts: 419

    7 days is never enough to get a good feel of Eve. The games opens up to you month after month as you get new skills, become more proficient and delve into the battles and player/corp politics.

    I played many online games like DAOC, AC, UO and E&B and Eve has me hooked. The others were pretty boring with all the levelling. The player community in Eve is what really makes it special.

  • ZdragvaZdragva Member Posts: 4
    I have to laugh when I hear 'the Dread Pirate Lord Zap' :D. I totally know where your coming from, pirates in Eve are nasty pieces of work. But should I ever see him within locking distance alone of my Tempest I doubt ill be the one begging for help. On topic though, Eve is almost entirely about your ability to carve a living from wahtever is around, or whoever you can deal with. Eve is a game where your ability to form a co-ordinated strike team, or manage a research company, with your fellow players, will determine your success. An ammunition producer in Eve is exactly that, a player who researches amunition blueprints to make them more efficiant, procures raw materials needed to manufacture ammo, either from asteroids himself or from trading with a miner/resource corporation, and who finally takes all these things together and produces ammunition. In a lot of other mmo/rpgs you 'pretend' you are a certain tradesman but you basiclly follow a basic theme. In Eve there is no basic theme. Yes everyone to start off with will need to be a miner, but thats because you need to start somewhere. Pretty soon, within a couple of weeks, youll have seen enough of Eve life to decide what you personally would like to focus on. I know people who spend their lives mining in high security systems, you might think this boring but the player I know who does this is the CEO of an extremely large and productive ship manufacturing corporation. There is a good chance that a large portion of ships bought in his particular region get built by him and his corporation. He takes pride in manufacturing equipment and ships quickly, and with low resource needs, this means he can sell to his friends (ME :D) at a price lower than I could find anywhere else in the entire galaxy. This is just a hint of the tremendous depth and intrique Eve offers. there is bribery, theft, murder. also wars fought on grand dreams and principles drawing 100's of players into the conflict whether they want to or not. A war 100 systems away can have unforseen and dramatic effects right on your own doorstep.

  • crankycranky Member Posts: 5

    Sounds interesting. I think this might be the game for me. I always found the grind of stats building to be tiresome so never played any MMO* past a few weeks. On the other hand I am an accountant (no jokes please) and find economics and its intricacies interesting to say the least. I mean, who doesn't like making money? image



  • FlameTongueFlameTongue Member Posts: 1

    It is a awesome game for people like me who don't have 8 hours a day to play. You can't really powerlevel since skills train in real time either, witch is nice. So you can play less an still get to enjoy the later aspects of the game. If u run industry and research you can make money while offline, and player built stations are comming very soon.

    Also its not like a first person shooter, much more tactical. It has a very strong pvp aspect.

  • OudoksujaOudoksuja Member Posts: 106

    It's also a great game for the people that do have the 8 hours per day to play :)

  • glittermageglittermage Member Posts: 28

    Thank you to all who wrote in comments about Eve. I too have about 2 to 3 hours per week and that's about it until I retire in 25 years. ::::16::

    I'll try Eve and see where it takes me. Maybe I make engine and shield generators for starships. That would be cool.

  • 3-peat3-peat Member Posts: 5

    I played this game for a while and what I thought was amazing was that there was hardly never a dull moment, there was always something that had to be done. Most of the other players are friendly and helpful but remember, NEVER beg for money. On the other hand, when you start playing it is hard to quit. I dont know how often I realized that is was after midnight and I were supposed to be in bed. Recently I haven't had time to play EVE and therefore not renewed my account but trust me, when I can find the time I'm going back. Worth it? Oh yes!!!

  • san_agrwlsan_agrwl Member Posts: 2

    I tried the 7-day trial and now I have subscibed to this game. It is an amazing game. Never have to worry about money. Combat system is awesome. I love PvP in this game. Offline training system is way too good. I just leave a skill that takes long to train and when I log back in, its done.  Community is great. I receive answers to my questions pretty quickly. Also, when I joined a corporation, the previous members helped me with money and ships. The gave me a jump start to this game and I don't feel like a noob at it. Also, with new expansion, Shiva, coming up, it will give EVE an even better rating. Will be able to build spacestations and more. I am pretty sure, I will not be leaving this game atleast for 5-6 months unless devs mess up.

  • CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955
    I like Eve online because its not a huge timesink.  I'm still an active EQ player.  I raid 4 nights a week so the idea of being able to progress in a game without too much effort really suits me.  Also the expansions are totally free!   The player community is very diverse and generally pretty helpful.  Just dont go in overly trusting lol cuz they might just lead you out to 0.0 space and blow you up.  It's well worth the subscription cost!  Take the 14 day free trial and get hooked!

  • panachepanache Member UncommonPosts: 397

     I was totally hooked when i tried EVE.... 3 months on it's a story. Some people claim due to it's real time skill training it's not a time sink demanding you live online. For me someone who hates mining, how long will it take me to get enough cash to be in the position to be able to afford a 110 million credit ship, when i typically get around 90k from a lvl 2 agent mission?

     EVE for me after 3 months of play it has become a repetitive bore. I hate killing krull only to be offered the mission again to kill him again 3 missions later.

     I think long time interest in the game will be only possible with the help of a good bunch of corp mates.

     Just watch out for the ones that recruit human mining drones.....



  • CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955

    Well after 3 months you should be in a cruiser and able to do lvl 3 high quality missions making well over 200k per mission.  i've been playing 1 month and i can make 6-8 million isk a day easy with casual play.   You should also look into a good corp with miners that can help you get a ship my corp is currently helping me acquire a battleship.

    Let me add that if any of you are looking for a great Corporation you should contact AUS Corp.  We are an anti pirate guild and members of the Northern Star Alliance which controls the Dek region of space.  We are very friendly to beginners.   Look us up.  My characters name is Kalened

  • 01Neptune0101Neptune01 Member UncommonPosts: 82

    One thing i'd like to say about eve is about the skill system. It seems like a good thing to start with because you dont have to grind exp like in most other MMORPGs. Yet you can only really learn these skills at a certain rate, apart from implants which only affect them abit. I wanted to get into the PvP side of eve but after 3 months it just seems like i can never catch up with the people who started a year ago and have 10mill points or more. This means i couldnt really PvP at all or least i would have had to wait many more months. The rest of the game was really good though, just i only really wanted to play it for the PvP. What do you guys think about this, is there any way around the problem?

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