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Dreamy Crusade

In patch 7205, a new and excited series quest, Land of Wonder, will be introduced in PDO. Like the current two series quests, Heavy Responsibilities and Rescuing the Prince, completing this new series quest also rewards you with huge gold and prolific experience, making your name among all PDO players.

Unlike all quests you undertaken before, in this new quest you must venture deep into a dreamy land, which is the opposite dimension to the real PDO world. Being plagued by an evil and corrupt legion, the land now is in bad need of a true hero, who must be able to liberate them from the evil grip of the legion.




The quest is an overwhelming challenge for all players at any level. It surpasses any current quests in difficulty and requires high coordination among groupmates. You have to shuttle between the realistic PDO lands and the dreamy ones, where hordes of tough mobs, red name bosses, and the Dreamtime Tyrant himself, the source of evil plaguing the land, are always at your heel, seeking to squeeze the life out of you. You must defeat the Dreamtime Tyrant and his legion to save the land and its inhabitants.




Prepare yourself, young warriors! The fate of the Wonder Land is now in your hands. Rise up to repel the evil!



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