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Recent Downfall of Rappelz



  • zword97zword97 Member Posts: 15

    and again the game lacks originailty, its 5months back from the korean version, gpotato is awful magnagment, no quest after lv 65~, cash shop DESTROYS the game, inflacion is wack, chuck norris is an idol, GM events are retarded, if you want a lag & grind fest, Register Here. I have tryed to shove this in their faces and they just ignore the players, all they care about is $$$$$$$$$$$.


    Im so desperate for a good mmo right now im playing WoW on Private servers >.>.


    Lv 92 Evoker here >.>


    enjoy your life in a dungeon if you want to level up!


    did i mention the game becomes a grindfest in purpose AT EVERY LEVEL. Mobs give you 1-30(1-300exp) 40-50(1100~) 60-70 (2000~, takes about 3-5m xp to level) now, here is the fun part, 70-80(4000~5000 w/SS) (5-7m exp to lv) 80-100 (6000-7000 w/SS) (7-15m exp to level) 100-120 (10000-15000~ w/SS) (15-40m to lv) 120+ (if you are stil playing this game you need a life)


    as far as i know, rappelz is in the past unless they hire chuck norris or an asian guy with an useful mind cause the people at potato are wack.

    and just to make sure this gets out, an epic for these retards is: 2 pets (You need to be 120+ to get and the drop rate is 0.000000000000000001%) 1 mount (120+, You need to get an HV pass -cash shop-) a island in the middle of nowhere(110+ to fight) and they learned how to translate "Retarded" from korean to english....


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