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Quick Wizard question

DracainDracain Member Posts: 24

I was just wondering, would there be a difference between someone who maxed out mage, then maxed out wizard, then maxed out high wizard to someone who got wizard the second they could and got high wizard the second they could? I mean theoretically the person who maxed it all out would have more skill points in earlier skills that might still come in handy (not sure if they do) and thus, they would do more damage.  So I was wondering if this was the case, any answer would be appreciated. 


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,320

    The one who maxed out is usually better because they have 10 more skill points.  That could given them the requirements to another spell as a high wizard/wizard.

  • DracainDracain Member Posts: 24

    Thanks for the quick reply.  Now I know that it is a good idea to max out everything so before I advance.  Thanks again!

  • trapezoniantrapezonian Member Posts: 124

    No. If you upgrade to the next job the bonus stats for job 50 or job 70 will be reset. The only advantage is the skill points. If you go from 2nd job to advance 2nd job the over job from 2nd job will not be carried over to the advanced 2nd job because you go back to high novice.

  • SigrandSigrand Member UncommonPosts: 367

    Trapezonian has it right.

    You will have an advantage if you go to job 50 before becoming a wizard, as you will have 10 more skill points.  However, once you become a High Novice, the skill points return to zero and you start over.  I'd very strongly suggest getting to job 50 before becoming a High Wizard, though.  That will give your final class the extra 10 points that would give you the advantage.

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