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Review: Darkfall Beta



  • meadmoonmeadmoon Member UncommonPosts: 1,344
    Originally posted by Paragus1

    In regards to the gankfest thing, I was actually surprised how many people seemed to respect other people of their own race.  There are people out there who will cut you down if the situation is right, I had it happen to me once.  
    I saw 2 Mahirim fighting each other, and one of them had a red name.   I assumed the red guy was trying to gank the blue one so I helped the blue guy kill the red.   During the battle, I took the brunt of the damage from the red, and I accidentally hit the blue.   We both raced to loot as much as we could from the red guy and we started to part ways.... or so I thought.    I guess the other guy saw me in rogue status because I hit him, and decided he wanted my cut of the loot so he attacked and I lost since I was still hurt from the fight.    I wasn't really upset though, I thought the entire incident was pretty funny.

    This is how a game should behave. You're making me more interested in trying out DF. 

    Of course, the care-bear gamers will play anyway and instead of going back to their previous game, they will start whining about how unbalanced the game is and how its "not fair". Since they don't give a shit about other gamers as long as they get to play literally EVERY game the way they think it should be played,  these care-bears will use their usual "we're all going to start leaving in droves and kill your game" tactic to scare the comapny into making changes. The devs will try to appease them and put safegards into place that ruin the original game design and destroy the gameplay for anyone else. Another game diluted at the hands of the WoW/WoW-clones crowd.


  • mdkmanmdkman Member UncommonPosts: 108

    Good review.

  • GregtheexconGregtheexcon Member Posts: 203
    Originally posted by cfurlin

    Great review, thanks for providing the link. If they deliver on all these features then this may be the game I've been looking for since UO.
    I agree with you that there will be a lot of "players" (if that's what you want to call them) who will screem "unfair" at every turn. Personally, if an orc is bigger than a dwarf, it SHOULD BE easier to hit -- sorry about your genetics, dude 
    People who are looking for care-bear games like WoW will probably not like it. Hopefully they will go back to WoW. I'd rather see a group of QUALITY players to keep the game afloat than 11 million players, many of them morons or immature a**holes.
    One thing I'd really like to see in any game in the future is a "death is permanant" server for those who like to live on the edge. That means when you die your character is wiped. You start over. Talk about a challenge. 
    WOW is carebear, is this because you can't loot dead bodies? Quality players? No game is 100 pct "quality players". You run into more a-holes in WOW because there is 11 million players.
    Morons? There all around you man, in schools and jobs, does that mean you quit your job or school?
    Immature? Of course cause there is 12-13 year old or younger, but thats because WOW is so universal. But Im not here to debate WOW fan base with someone who is one of those people who are narrowminded.


    Darkfall, good review though. Its nice to see actual comments on this game from someone I know is honest (to an extent lol, I remember the WAR comments, hd some solid points but could have been considered 1 sided) 

    It will be interesting to see what happens WAR took a huge hit after its release (sifted through its true players quickly)  I think this game will end up like WAR, have a final steady base around 200-300k. Even though its possibly gonna be a great game, just people have already have a comfort with there game, so this game will have to really wow the players, WAR didn't, AOC didn't and people just returned to there game or floated.

    Good luck to all those people, I play WAR, WOW and GW and am quite happy with them. I will be trying this game but can't see me paying for 3 subs in a month lol






    Enjoy : )

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