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Beginner help..Is the game really dying? Or worth playing...

blueflame8blueflame8 Member Posts: 11

Hi, just bought the game through Amazon and waiting for it to come. Recently, I have been finding more information about the game and seem to have good expectations. Although, I have seen many threads, talking about 'the game dying' making me a bit concerned. I was just wondering, if this really was true. Or is the game still alive with players? I have purchased all three of the campaigns and the expansion pack, deciding to start with the campaign.

On a separate note, i was thinking of choosing a Necromancer and wondering if this is a 'fun' and enjoyable class to play.

Many thanks for the answers.


  • endlesoneendlesone Member Posts: 109

     The game is still aliv with players, i have even met and talked to new players just like you who just bought the game recently. and they are enjoyign themselves but i'll let the other forum members to answer your querry.


    As for choosing the necromance as your first profession it really is fun to play a necro, it is one of the best to use in PvE (imho) next to Ranger ^_^

  • kingofnothinkingofnothin Member Posts: 112

    No, the game is not dying at all. To me, it seems like it's getting stronger. I think there was many WOW players who didn't like the new expansion who are coming, there are some WAR player who are finding it a snooze fest, than Conan which a lot of people find incomplete. Seems like they are coming to GW or BACK to GW, and are finding how much fun it is. The only thing I can think of as far as people talking about it dying, may be when they refer to when GW2 comes out.

    GW will not die when that happens. There is a big tie between GW1 and GW2, so I don't forsee that ever happening. I've seen interviews I believe where ANet said it is in no way going away. Don't know where from, but I think I remember seeing that.


  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,935

    I can assure you that Guild Wars most likely has more players than almost every MMO apart from WoW. There really isn't a lack of people. People seem to forget that the players standing around in outposts/cities make up a small percentage of the amount of players online...the majority are out questing, doing PvP, in their Guild Halls etc.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,226

    The only games that haven't been declared dead at least once are those that haven't yet been publicly announced.  And some of those have been declared dead, too.

    No, the game isn't dying.  The truly great games never do.  Indeed, I'd be absolutely shocked if I don't spend significant time playing Guild Wars at least 5 years later than today.

  • HeimlichkeitHeimlichkeit Member Posts: 105

     Sounds like me. I started a week ago, ordered all the campaigns off the bat, and first class was a necromancer. It's a fun class, I haven't done much with the other classes though. Necromancer is fun for making meat shields, making AOE DOTS which is my fav part, and of course hexing enemies. There's a ton of skills, so if you start getting bored just try a new build.

    Hope you like it!

  • blueflame8blueflame8 Member Posts: 11

    Thanks a lot, everyone who replied, it helped. The game should be coming tomorrow and i'm looking forward to starting.

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