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Just got Prophesies

majinantmajinant Member UncommonPosts: 418

Well I just bought Prophesies and am enjoying the game.

I have one question tho... Will I be any good in PvP with only Proph, or will I have to buy the others?

I really hope not lol. I am poor atm, and wont be able to aford another one for over a month


  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,936

    Unfortunately, in order to partake in high-end PvP you will indeed need to purchase the other campaigns and the expansion. However, you will not be efficient in high-end PvP anytime soon anyway (no offense, lol). Being a skill-based game, Guild Wars requires practice to master. You mentioned that you'll only be able to afford another campaign after a month...fear not because by then you should just start to be getting the hang of the game and figure out how build synergy works. Once you purchase that second campaign, you'll have an entire new continent to explore! The same goes for the third campaign. The expansion, too, will give you a lot of new content to play through. 

    Whilst you may be longing to play PvP, I highly recommend you just enjoy the PvE side of the game for now as it will teach you how to play. After that, you can move on to PvP with a sufficient enough knowledge of the game to be an asset to your team and you'll also have access to whichever skills your team may require. 

    Good luck and have fun!

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