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Love or Hate vote here

NatoBoyNatoBoy Member Posts: 25
Love or Hate Vote here


  • ghghthghghth Member Posts: 3

    I cant just vote, I have to reply.  It'd almost be like voting without an opinion.

    Mu online, what a bad, repetitive, but extremely addictive.  I started playing this game and dislike the amount of time it took to level.  It was difficult to understand at the start too, but after a week or so I figured everything out.  This is around the time I really got into the game.

    I voted yes.  Even though there aren't many things you can do, and the graphics aren't the best, the game is surely addictive, and time consuming.   I enjoy games that are a challenge, and this one is one very, very big challenge.

  • LL Member Posts: 70
    i wish u had a luke warm one. i have a friend who reaqlly is a addict to this game and he got me into got me money but once i got to about lvl 20 with my warrior dude it went downhill. it got boring and repetive. but hay its stil a good game.



  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61

    Don't forget MU ONLINE IS FREEE!!!!::::20:: Thats why Mu is best!::::39::

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