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Genre: Fantasy?

TOR is on the game list as Fantasy. Is that correct? I would have thought this would be Sci-Fi.  /shrug

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  • DoomsayerDoomsayer Member Posts: 344

    Well as an IP, Star Wars is much more fantasy than science fiction. The main story of good vs evil, the mysterious Force, etc...all elements of fantasy.

    Science Fiction requires the setting and story to be somewhat grounded in real science, or the development of science that exists today. Star Wars doesn't do that. No where in it is there really any talk about how the technologies do what they do, what science they are based on. However they did flirt with this with the introduction of the "Midi-chlorians", but even that was pure fantasy. A combination of real world things to form one fantasy one.

    Just because something takes place in space doesn't mean its science fiction. If a story takes place on another planet or in another dimension, doesn't make it science fiction. How is that any different than telling a story in another reality.

    No, for something to be catagorized as science fiction requires more dedication to research than fantasy. Fantasy is anything someone can dream up. True science fiction requires someone to at least be educated on the subject that they are developing their story from. Much of what people consider to be science fiction is actually pure fantasy. Such is Star Wars.

    But as with many genres these days, the lines become ever increasingly blurred.


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  • edgeheadedgehead Member Posts: 47

    Excellent point!

    "Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?"
    From the Classic Tag Lines collection.

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