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Friendly Fire?

jezvinjezvin Member UncommonPosts: 804

I read FAQ and tried to search for it but no success.

So is there FF in Mortal Online?

This is one of the things I really like about Darkfall, but there are alot of concerns to be had with that game (not that this one is perfect)

so friendly fire?

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  • KhalathwyrKhalathwyr Member Posts: 3,138

    Most everyone pretty much believes this is the case. There is a lengthy thread on the official forums covering the topic. I haven't read it all to see if a MO dev chimes in, but knowing that they are on the boards often (and correct misconceptions held by some on information), if they haven't said no it's not in, then it most likely is.

    Enjoy the read.

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  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542

    long read but worth it :)


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