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This game is dying.

Since there are new and much better games than this, It is obvious that this game is dying but I'm really thankful to this game because this introduced me into the gaming world of mmorpgs. And I'm planning to play RO2


  • papiruspapirus Member Posts: 6

    No It's not dying fool. there are still many people actually playing this!

  • majinantmajinant Member UncommonPosts: 418

    Lmao this game isn't dieing nor will it ever. There are more and more people signing up to play all the time, especially since the free server opened.

    Free server has also bought lots of people back to the P2P servers since all the botters have moved away from them now.


    Chaos server for life!

  • FaituFaitu Member Posts: 90

    Those free servers are ridiculous if you ask me. The grinding is even worse, and if you don't buy anything from their cash shops, you're simply meat to make fun the game of those who do. I hardly think that people will quit private servers because of it. The game used to be WAY better when you just had to pay the monthly fee and there was no cash shop available.

  • ZeroRaptorZeroRaptor Member UncommonPosts: 14

    This is the song that never ends

    And it goes on and on again

  • Nytewolf2k7Nytewolf2k7 Member Posts: 181
    Originally posted by ZeroRaptor

    This is the song that never ends

    And it goes on and on again

    some people started singing it not knowing what it was

    and they'll continue singing it forever just because...


    Oh crap, now I'm doing it

    Games only die when the servers are switched off for good. RO will Never die, so long as so many people continue to play it.

    Sick of playing Entropia Universe? Want to quit, but don't want your hard earned money to vanish? Give your items to ME :-)

  • trapezoniantrapezonian Member Posts: 124

    There are still a lot of people playing Ro but yes the population is decreasing. You know in business it is easy to win new customers but that hard part and the most important part is maintaining loyalty. Our RO provider in our country has a really bad reputation for customer support that could be one reason why this is happening.

    There are reasons why players quit the game and mostly the reason is they got hacked. For levelupgames you have to file a case to the NBI just to investigate your case. If a 10 year old playing ragnarok would get hack how would he do that ? just for a game. They don't even give considerations to guild masters who gets hacked. A gm is a key player of the game. If one gm quits playing a hundred player follows.

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