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theJPKtheJPK Member Posts: 91


We each say something that relates in no way to any other post and is over 20 words!!!me first...

Retarted monkey jesus holding a donkey raptor fetus inside a disco lantern on a saturday as he fills a box with a random assortment of green and blue socks while humming olympic fanfare theme backwards.




Played:WoW, Darkfall, Warhammer, Shadowbane, Anarchy Online, Last Chaos, Runescape, Maplestory, Planeshift
Loved: Guild Wars, Eve, Darkfall
Waiting for: I don't know


  • hvc801hvc801 Member Posts: 987

     Seriously, I'm almost done posting as the last poster on all these spam threads... thats uber spam right thurr.


    What if Paul Revere was like the boy who cried wolf....?

    Originally posted by Hazmal

    What does he say when people ask what he did? "My mommy was irking me yo - I wanted to keep pwning nubs on my xbox, so I roughed her up with a hardshell. That is just how I roll."

  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627

    the lord taketh and the frog had to be crashed to the floor in a box of cheerios and then there was this alien that once landed his ship in the backyard icicle carfrom hell.

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