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new to Guild wars..

AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29

 ..or not yet!

still considering buying the game. after reading the "New to Guild wars?... "guide i decided i wanna start with Prophecies - i like PVE and im not sure how well my pc will run the game.

it seems theres no free trial out there atm. is it possible to get a buddy key from one of you guys?

..or should i just wait for GW2? ill invest in a new computer next summer. gotta finish school first. 

Peace, Almeyda



  • kingofnothinkingofnothin Member Posts: 112

    Not sure if they still have them, but for $2 they had a trial cd at game stop that had i think all campaigns that you can try out.


  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,936

    There is indeed a free trial!

    And trust me when I say you need nowhere near a beast to run Guild Wars well. The client is excellent when it comes to running on a range of hardware.

  • AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29

     ah.. thanks alot


    i dnk how that slipped my eager eye ;)

  • mmorpgmanermmorpgmaner Member UncommonPosts: 241

    You will most definately enjoy it if you love pve. Just endless pve if your knew and buy all of the xpacs. And you can also release your inner PvP with phonomenal pvp.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,301

    The game was originally released about four years ago, so by now, the system requirements would be considered quite low.  I can run the game just fine with settings all the way up on my current 2 year old computer, though I turn off shadows because they're annoying.  When I bought the game, I didn't have this computer yet, and it ran just fine on my previous computer (2.26 GHz Pentium 4, 768 MB memory, about the worst 64 MB video card there was), though I had to turn graphical settings down.

    I'd advise against waiting until Guild Wars 2.  Not only could you easily end up waiting a year or two, but there's a fair chance it won't even be as good of a game as Guild Wars 1.  If you're concerned as to whether it will run on your computer, the system requirements for Guild Wars 2 will probably be quite a bit higher than for Guild Wars 1.

  • AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29

    ive downloaded the game.. but now it seems that neither game or website works.. 


  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,936
    Originally posted by Almeyda

    ive downloaded the game.. but now it seems that neither game or website works.. 

    What exactly happens? They both work fine on my side.

  • AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29 wont load :(


    and the game cant connect.. whats wrong ? it worked fine yesterday :(


    i cant connect to ArenaNet either... (after pressing the guildwars.exe)

    EDIT: after long time waiting on 0% it finish and enters the game - but when i enter my username/pw it says it cant connect (error code 026)


    something with DNS.. its the same problem as with the website.. cant enter support either 

  • AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29

     there should be some help/guide/something here:


    but.. i cant get in there :(

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,301

    Here's a copy and paste of what your link says:





    We're sorry that you are experiencing technical difficulties. The network error message you are reporting, Code= 026, is indicative of a mis-configured network setting or network interference, specifically a DNS problem. If you receive this error, please verify that you can browse to a website. Make sure to test a website that is frequently updated to ensure that you are not viewing a locally cached version of the page. If you cannot load the website please contact your Internet service provider.

    If other aspects of your Internet connection are working but you still receive the above error, please contact our Technical Support Team using the Ask A Question tab, and include as much of the following information as possible:

    Are you connecting through a router or hub? If so, what is the name and model number? Also, do any other computers on the same network have the same problem with the game?

    Are you on a home, campus, or business network?

    Are you using a firewall application? If so which one?

    Do you use any Internet Security Applications (ISA) such as CYBERsitter, Net-Nanny, ZoneAlarm®, McAfee® or Norton™?

    Who is your Internet service provider?

    What type of connection do you have (cable, DSL, dial-up)?

    Where are you located?

    Have you been able to play the game before? If so, when did the problem begin, and did you make any changes to your network setup at that time?

    Please provide as much relevant information as possible; this will help us to swiftly resolve your issue. Our Technical Support Team will answer your support request as quickly as possible, in the order that it is received. 

  • AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29




    jesus ******* christ... 

  • snowytechnasnowytechna Member Posts: 185

    Hmm try opening ports in your modem. You can also disable your firewall and try connecting and if you still cant connect well then I suggest you contact guildwars support.

  • AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29

     i have no idea about how to do that.. and i cant contact guildwars support because i cant get to the support page.

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    its a fansite

    but  the Guild Wars Guru forums have a tech support section

    that may help

  • AlmeydaAlmeyda Member Posts: 29

     The problem got solved by it self... think my internet provider blocked the IP's or something by mistake .. im enjoying the trial at the moment.. pretty cool game :)

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