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Needs a new server.

LonehearthLonehearth Member UncommonPosts: 66



Id subscribe to Lineage once again, if only they would start a new server (LOA or DEP rules).

To many people have gained to high levels with cheating, to many super events to much botting.

But since NCsoft has restrained some of the botting activities they could start a new server, untouched by bots and cheating.


  • KoSPr0KoSPr0 Member Posts: 66

    A new server would be fun as all hell imo, and it makes sense, kinda discouraging too see 30-40 +10 weapons running around all the time  XD

  • alien1984alien1984 Member Posts: 119

    If you ever bring up the idea of a new server on the official forums you will get responses like "the servers are too empty for a new server, we need a merge". Ncsoft and most of the community is so short sided though. I can guarantee they would at least double their player base by adding another server with returning customers.

    I have seen gm's respond to this also saying there are no plans for a new server. LoA was brought to us by great minds like Capt, he is long gone now though (aka why the game is so bad now).

  • mmorpgmanermmorpgmaner Member UncommonPosts: 241

    I would most definately be subbing to this  if they had a new server...


    Err we talking about Lineage or lineage 2?

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