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whats it like on 56k?

does anyone play this on 56k dial up? if so what is it like and does it lag bad??

i have this game but i have not subscribed with the payment things, is it worth buying?


  • adamk22adamk22 Member Posts: 233

    I think you should try the trial first before subscribing :)


  • moxymundimoxymundi Member Posts: 8
    56k worked fine for me, and it is a great game, but the good things can also be its flaws.  The map is huge, and its awesome thinking the whole map is half the size of europe, but it is so hard to find combat involving more than five enemies.  There are also some glitches that might still be there, including buildings you cant capture, due to "yellow flag" bugs.  But i most definitely agree with the person above.  Check out the trial before you buy.  One great thing, though, is the militaristic realism of the weapons, ranks, and vehicles. 



  • NatoBoyNatoBoy Member Posts: 25
    i subscribed a couple of days ago and its not to bad, pretty good infact but my only thing about it is that there doesnt seem to be alot of action

  • wlfmanwlfman Member Posts: 90

    Natoboy, my advice is to hook up with a squad asap. They will help you find action and will also help you out with learning the game.

    btw...Welcome to WWIIOL.image



  • DemariiDemarii Member Posts: 131

    Works fine, and there is just enough free bandwidth left over to have Voice Communications in the background on a low bandwidth Codec. I used to play on a 56k when I lived outside of the city and when I switched to Cable I saw no real change aside from the fact my Cable tends to be more stable and rarely drops packets, but that was more likely due to a bad phone line and the lame ISP I was saddled with at the time.

    PS - the lack of action recently is more due to the fact that I believe either part of the allied side is taking a break after 2 straight wins (a first but hardly worth a vacation) or some of the players are up in arms over some of the newest rule/gameplay changes which require that High Command now place Attack Objectives which is meant to focus players into larger battles especially during lower population times.

    My personal view is some players need to stop being drama queens and bitching and moaning over every new gameplay change and just play the game and really see how it has changed things because this game will always change, its not going to stay like it was, and its a bit tiring to watch the drama flow evertime it does. Some changes are just so big and different that we all need to readjust, adopt new tactics and strategies, and of course there will be some tweaking to the new rules once we've had a decent run at using them and see how they really fall into place in the big scheme of things.

  • shagalotshagalot Member Posts: 11

    56k works absolutely fine with this game, but you do need a LOT of RAM

  • blucommunistblucommunist Member Posts: 73
    lol. I dunno man that sounds like every single game i have played. There are always going to be ppl who bitch when they loose and advantage or something...image



    "Despite what they tell you the original RAY's is on 7th ave."

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