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Your first MMORPG?



  • AsprnBtlAsprnBtl Member Posts: 116

    my first mmo was "the realm" by sierra lol, back around 1998/1999

  • KaylessKayless Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Jumpgate, closely followed by DAoC.

    Looking forward to the new version...

  • Harpy_LadyHarpy_Lady Member Posts: 137

    My first MMORPG was UO was back when. I tried EQ, but didn't like it at first. So Iwent back to UO for a bit. Went LD one day and logged back in to find myself murdered and robbed. I quit UO that same day. Then a friend of mine helped me learn to play EQ and I never looked back. honestly, if it hadn't been for the many great times I had playing EQ from early on until past Gates of Discord exp, I would have given up on MMO's years ago.

  • ZanarixZanarix Member Posts: 14

    My first MMO I ever played was RuneScape back in the days when I found it half-decent (I no longer thing this, lol). I used to play a good 10-12 hours a day then I just got bored because Jagex couldn't develop it for crap.

    I then tried World of Warcraft, I haven't seemed to be get as addicted to it as I did RuneScape but I still think it's a better game than RuneScape. I'm definitely a more casual player now then I was 4-5 years ago (before I met graphic design lol).

  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom Member Posts: 273

    Anarchy Online was my 1st mmorpg, so probably around 2000

     It was very new and confusing, & i very quickly got lost in Omni Ent-1



    unless MuD's count, then it was Vampire Wars back in 95.

  • VishiAnandVishiAnand Member Posts: 239

    mine is MU online. i love the PK and PvP features of this game. it kept me playing for 2 years.

  • iamspamicusiamspamicus Member UncommonPosts: 114

    Mine was Anarchy Online, I had no idea what an mmo was and only bought it becuase I was desperate for a new game that I hadn't played, and it sounded interesting.

    I started playing about 3 weeks after it  came out and  everytime they patched it, my comp would crash more and more till eventually  it wouldn't play it at all. 

    The learning curve almost turnd me off, but luckily I stuck with it and still think it is the best mmo at character ability customization and job classes. I wish they would hurry and update the graphics engine though.

  • molitarmolitar Member Posts: 17

    Couple of you are older players but none go back as far as me it seems.. I played the closed beta of Kingdom of Drakkar and Lands of Kesmai.  Both of them games are the forefathers of all online games!  They started out on BBS boards and than they became the first graphic MMO games ever..  after the success of these two games others launched and UO finally game out.  But to this day for the strategy involved in game play to defeat bosses have never been touched that these two games had.. Drakkar hunting the vampires that sucked hit points from you permanently so had to go and drudging away for more gold to buy more hit points.. the game still holds very fond memories for me and the strategy involved could never be duplicated in todays games.

  • kahulbanekahulbane Member Posts: 73

    Going back, would be D&D on AOL, then Meridian 59 (which some one is trying to bring back lol) great game! then UO...

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  • jdreamjdream Member UncommonPosts: 80

    ragnarok online was my first mmo experiance

    hmm cant remember maybe 7-8 years ago


  • VishiAnandVishiAnand Member Posts: 239

    mine is MU online.

  • ohmybabyohmybaby Member Posts: 17

    my first mmo was RO about 6-7years ago..

  • pandorasboxpandorasbox Member Posts: 11

    i have read all your post guys we all have something in common... i too played RO since i was in high school... its a good game also..

  • pinoyjesterpinoyjester Member Posts: 81

    Ragnarok online you me.. played it while it wasstill in its "buggy" beta stages...

    ... Now i feel so old...

  • SigrandSigrand Member UncommonPosts: 367

    I played Tibia first.  It was, at one time, a great game.  This was 7-8 years ago, back when it kind of looked like a game of virtual chess, lol.  That lasted maybe 2 years or so.  Then I played Mu for roughly a year then on to RO which lasted about as long as Tibia.  All 3 of those games hold fond memories for me.  Since then it's been WoW and L2 clones.  Looking forward to the changes that seem to be coming on us fast with the newer games in the works.

  • OneishOneish Member Posts: 14

    My first MMO was Starwars Galaxies back in 2003.

    A great game with many flaws, however flaws one could live with for a time. Yet as the months and years passed it sometimes felt as if we were all in one giant beta game and before long someone decided they needed to make money. In our prime our Guild had 350+ players, and a huge city.

    I left with most other players once the NGE hit, I was one of those willing to give the Combat Upgrade a try.

    From the server load numbers I see that SWG is completely dead, a pitty really... it had everything going for it.


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  • LazzerasLazzeras Member Posts: 54

    My first time playing any games online was the original MUD games with a speed of 2400baud so slooooow compared to now.

    My first 3 MMORPG's are




  • hurdekulkahurdekulka Member Posts: 3

    ..,my first mmo was AO, i've been playing this just a week later,...

  • killer092005killer092005 Member UncommonPosts: 26

    My first mmo..hmm...thats a toughie, since it was about 10 to 13 years ago...I think it was Anarchy Online.

  • Skatty2007Skatty2007 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 231

    Ultima Online was my first MMO.  Seems like such a long time ago, though I still have vivid memories of adventuring in that game to the likes which I have never seen since.

    I ended up quitting after many many years because I did everything, I had everything (including a tower that I was able to place personally when Trammel housing opened up), I saw everything, I went everywhere, I had enough accounts where all the skills were trained.  Well, maybe not Forensic Evaluation!!!  (Useless.  Skill.  Evah.)

    Ahh - the memories...

    Waiting for 12 hours in hiding mode for houses to decay.  Free loot!

    Using extra backpacks surrounded by death robes to help prevent player thieving.

    Saving up 10 L5 t-maps, getting a bud or two together to dig them up.

    Fishing for sea serpents for MIBs.

    Making potions and pooling them up in a keg that would last for a few months.

    Making kegs so I can fill them up with potions that would last for a few months.

    Chopping down trees...   ...endless trees... make my arrow shafts.

    Hunting harpies in Covetous...  ...endless harpies... fletch my arrows shafts into arrows.

    Logging off at the 'rare spawn spots' at server shutdown, then logging in after maintenance to pick up the rares.

    Ahh - those were the days.

    Note - none of those actions never really advanced my characters directly.  I had fun making a self-supporting account(s).  The character advancement came indirectly by just having fun...  **hint hint to future MMOs**

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  • StormakovStormakov Member UncommonPosts: 200

    Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds - Came out a couple months before UO...  (We switched over to UO a month or two after its release)

    I was 10 years old and my dad played it and I thought it was "cool" so I started playing it.

    Thanks dad might as well have passed me a crack pipe that day.

  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627
    Originally posted by UserNoName

    Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds - Came out a couple months before UO...  (We switched over to UO a month or two after its release)

    I was 10 years old and my dad played it and I thought it was "cool" so I started playing it.

    Thanks dad might as well have passed me a crack pipe that day.


    Yep.  I can same the same of my brothers.  Thanks, might as well have got me hooked on crack.

  • kungfu_pandakungfu_panda Member Posts: 11

    my first mmo is my ragnarok but ive stopped playing that since las year because theres a new game ive always read in some forum..and i wanna try it...

  • dn_angeldn_angel Member Posts: 9

    i love playing mmorpg and different game genre. My first mmo is ragnarok but after that i tried also cabal, atlantica online, RF, Proston tale and granado espada...

  • Max-OMax-O Member Posts: 6

    My first MMORPG is Face Of Mankind It's the best MMORPG (Free One 2) in my oppinion.

    Open Beta is about to come :D More info check 

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