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How many hours of combat?

MehenMehen Member Posts: 41

Does anyone have any idea how long and how many mobs I have to kill before I get better at combat?


  • Renton81Renton81 Member Posts: 92



    Well combat skills is progressive like all the other types of skills ingame such as mining and crafting.  Combat itself has many sub-skill that are related to it i.e Handgun skills, Rifle skills, melee skills, etc.  To check these skills just press K and you'll be able to see  all your skills (there are also hidden unlockable skills).


    Your skill level will reflect what type of/and level of weapon you can use.  The higher the level, of course the higher the damage you inflict.  Its advised to use the weapon which matches your skill level.  To check the level requirement of a weapon just right click it and click "item info".  Use the gun that suits your level (preferably ones with Skill Increase Bonus) and you should find that you skill up faster.


    If you hunt around 2-3 hours a day using the method above, should take you about 1 month to reach level 30 on the skill thats related to your main weapon type (handgun,rifle or melee).


    Keep in mind though, that unlike most MMO's it doesnt take a couple of months to reach the level cap of the game (in which most cases the so called "End Game" occurs).  In Entropia there technically is no level cap.  It just gets harder to skill as you level increases.


    Hope that helped anyway :)

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  • MehenMehen Member Posts: 41

    Very nice, thank you!

    I also just realized my weapon is too expensive to repair.  Seems better to just use lower damage weapon to somewhat balance repair costs with loot rewards.  I can't even imagine using a gun, the ammo cost is insane.

  • liumlium Member Posts: 138
    Originally posted by Mehen

    Very nice, thank you!
    I also just realized my weapon is too expensive to repair.  Seems better to just use lower damage weapon to somewhat balance repair costs with loot rewards.  I can't even imagine using a gun, the ammo cost is insane.


    What are you going to use then ?

    All ammo is same price, 10k cells cost 10 us dollars. Ther is no cheap ammo.

    Most ppl ( mid lvl players hunt whith 30k cells ) cost for them is 30 us dollars every runn, and don't forget biger weapon = biger ammo spend so biger amount off dollars pet shoot

  • Nytewolf2k7Nytewolf2k7 Member Posts: 181

    That entirely depends on the depth of your wallet

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  • MrchompyMrchompy Member Posts: 58

    OP: It sounds like you're basically just starting out.

    I'd either deposit or sweat to get enough to buy yourself a trade terminal Oppalo rifle and at least a thousand rounds, think the Oppalo is around 6 PED and the rounds will be 10 PED. More rounds would of course be better, but this will get you started at least. The Oppalo uses 2 rounds per shot, but does 8 damage, compared to the TT pistol which uses 1 round but does 4 damage. Same cost, but the critter is regerating health while you're plinking, so the higher dmg will actually work better.

    Then I'd go to camp Phoenix and swunt (sweat until dry or they attack you if you're really new) the sabakumas and sablesnots. Probably stay away from the Berycleds for a bit, they will eat up alot of ammo. Pretty soon you'll start getting some low level armor and item drops. You can either save up the pieces (you'll be getting Pixie and Gnome pieces) to make a set, or you can sell them for more ammo. You'll also be getting hides, oils, paint cans and probably some other drops, including ammo. Sell whatever you can to players, as you'll get more than from the TT. Personally, though I built a set of mixed pixie/gnome from doing this, I didn't wear it while swunting because they didn't do enough dmg to me and repairing armor costs money, decreasing your profit.

    Melee is fun, but for a new player an Oppalo seems to be the most ecomical choice to skill with.

    I'm a fairly casual player, and just graduated from my Oppalo. My rifle skill is at about 500, and I am lvl 3 in rifle sniper (I think it's called, the to hit rifle prof.). I seem to miss about 1/3 of the time, compared to about half the time when I started, so even a few levels helped.

  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    Also note that you don't *have* to repair items to 100% every time. They will last longer in between repairs if you do, but they will regain functionality at any repair percentage above the minimum stated in the iten description.

    Small ped repairs used to be pretty common before the (L) items were introduced. Hopefully it won't become a "forgotten secret".

    Cheers, and welcome aboard!


    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

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