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what kind of this game?

CecillaCecilla Member Posts: 7


what kind of this game?


  • EmosinEmosin Member Posts: 6

    9dragons is a RPG( role playing game) u create ur character and join a white clan or black clan which r opposing factions, the story line is good the lvling system is based around player opinion due to the fact that most lvls u will sit a grind ur life away in front of the computer which to sum ppl can be really boring and sum ppl it could be sum wut interesting in a way but itws all based around the players opinion in the end

  • zavos25zavos25 Member Posts: 1

    I ve been playing this game for 2 years now.

    I m ready to quit because there is nothing else to do than grinding grinding and..... grinding.

    You get a stupid quest every 2-3 levels.

    If you want to pk u cant be compared with the hackers going around. If you going to play on acclaims 9dragons dont except anyone of the hackers to be banned. They care more on making money. Also GMs helping a lot their friends in this game.. no chance to catch up on them :). WASTE OF TIME

  • xusheng2xusheng2 Member Posts: 109

    its a rpg which involves kung fu and stuff.

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  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Its an MMORPG based around using Kung Fu skills which means you select a skill and your character does the same 3 hit combo over and over.

    Oh and its the godliest grind game of them all.

    Prepare to gain only .01 experience per kill once you're less than a third to max level.

  • popingaypopingay Member Posts: 33

    martial arts type rpg.

  • daeandordaeandor Member UncommonPosts: 2,693

    If you like to watch your xp bar move one pixel every few hours, play this game.  Honestly though, if you want to mess around with 9dragons and have fun, just make a couple different clan characters and level up each one for a week or two.  Messing with the first 24 or so levels can be relatively entertaining.  Beyond that though, forget it.

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