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What does it means "WARNING" in items???

enfermagemenfermagem Member Posts: 12

Hi! image

I was playing Mu Online and someone was trying to sell me an item! And that item had a "WARNING" sign over it! image

Does anyone knows what this means??? image



  • SaxonSaxon Member Posts: 13

    When they trying to sell you an Satan or Angel with very low hp, the warning in the trade screen shows up. So, dont accept any trades with warnings. image

  • enfermagemenfermagem Member Posts: 12

    Ok! image

    But there is also another question! image Are the items Hacked???

    Hackers are destroying the game! image But, I pretend they are not even there...

    Thank you for the advice! image

  • inchigaisinchigais Member Posts: 66

    WARNING items are also when that item is expensive and it was weared by MURDENER

    I like to play MU online in Wigle servers

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  • admjn65admjn65 Member Posts: 253

    Well I am a seasoned veteran in this game  (not to brag ^^)     And I have had discussions with admins about the warning sign so heres the reasons why it is there:

    1.  It can mean that the item is a duplicated item

    2.  It can mean that the health of a satan, angel, or uniria is low

    3.  It can mean that the durability of the item is low  (needs to be repaired).                                   And this last one is kinda hard to explain...

    4.  When you are trading, A warning sign can appear on the item that is being traded.  This can mean that the person who is trading the item to you has the same type of item equipped or in his inventory but the item in his inventory or that is equipped is better than the item being traded                  

     For example:  If someone is trading Dragon Armor+1 to you and it has a warning sign on it, then they are either wearing Dragon Armor that is better than +1 (such as +1+8) or they have dragon armor better than +1 in their inventory.  The reason for the warning sign in this case is supposedly just a glitch in the game, atleast this is what I heard from an admin.  

    In most cases, the warning sign is caused by a low life satan, angel, or uniria,  or the item needs repairing.

  • enfermagemenfermagem Member Posts: 12

    Thank you very much! image

    That's the best answer I ever got! Thank you once again!

    Im sure that the next time I have a doubt in Mu Online, I will sure look for your advice! image

    Good Luck Mu Players! image

  • enfermagemenfermagem Member Posts: 12
    Just a question for entertainment: Which class is the better for you?

  • admjn65admjn65 Member Posts: 253
    I voted DK, I had a lvl 90 dark knight at MuOnline and a lvl 285 BK (blade knight) on a private server.  The dark knight class is definately the best, well for me anyways image


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