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question about the dreamlords contest

PossumPossum Member UncommonPosts: 65


i am one of the winners of the dreamlords contest:


today i recived this email from the aeiragames support:

"Congratulations on winning the MMORPG contest. We do apologize for
taking so long to respond about this event promotion. In order for us to
award you for this event promotion, we will need to know if you have a
PayPal account where we can send them the retail value of the
merchandise item. You have until Jan 26 to redeem this prize.

We look forward to your reply.


i thought that the mouse will be send to me like the swg game i won a few years ago.

i dont have a paypal account and i never wanted to create one.

have i overseen something in the rules of the contest ot did they change the winning condition?

anyone else recived this email?

for me it looks like a bad joke at the moment.


  • lemiclemic Member UncommonPosts: 7

    I received the same email and have been emailing back and forth with them.  I just received today that I will be getting an Amazon gift card instead of the mouse.  I dont remember seeing anywhere that they could substitute the prize but I really wasnt looking that hard.  Kind of crappy and I plan on emailing them again about it.  We will see what happens.

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