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New screens with some Klingon love!

HagonbokHagonbok Member Posts: 365

Looking pretty darn sweet. Especially for pre-alpha.


edit to add link to STO's screenshot gallery.


  • PunisherXPunisherX Member Posts: 231

    Yes it is. Everyday, I see something new that makes me even more excited about the release of Star Trek Online and these new screenshots are no different. I can't wait for the beta-testing.

  • LaterisLateris Member UncommonPosts: 1,769

     Is it true they turned up the details on the engine?

  • BrenelaelBrenelael Member UncommonPosts: 3,821

    Very nice. It's about time they showed the game from a Klingon's point of view.


    EDIT: I do have to admit that that is the strangest looking Miranda class I've ever seen though. Nice to look at but strange just the same.




  • ivan50265ivan50265 Member Posts: 67

    That's a nice looking Klink ship it'll look even better blown to bits and flaoting off into space.

  • tman5tman5 Member Posts: 604

    Why exactly are we impressed?  Because the ship look purty?


  • ScalebaneScalebane Member UncommonPosts: 1,881

    Nice looking ships, but honestly it doesn't look like an in game screen shot, looks more like concept art, either way can't wait to see more!


    "The great thing about human language is that it prevents us from sticking to the matter at hand."
    - Lewis Thomas

  • Maverick123wMaverick123w Member Posts: 115

    If thats an ingame screen its been touched up lols


  • neonwireneonwire Member Posts: 1,787

    Why are you posting a duplicate thread? The original thread started by Stradden can be found here

  • HagonbokHagonbok Member Posts: 365

    Oh, I didn't realize it was a no no to do that. I just thought that since that thread was located in a more general area it would be ok to reference the screenshots here in the game specific forums.

    If I was out of line I'm sure a report to the moderators will have this thread removed, and I apologize to them beforehand.

  • neonwireneonwire Member Posts: 1,787

    Ah.......sorry I didnt pay attention to the fact that Straddens thread is in the general section. My bad. Sorry about that.

  • HagonbokHagonbok Member Posts: 365

    np at all neonwire.

  • HagonbokHagonbok Member Posts: 365

    Forgive the double post, but this morning Cryptic released another awesone shot of a warp core.

  • xbellx777xbellx777 Member Posts: 716

    wow this game looks like alot of fun. cant wait!

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