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Is this game a Asian grinder or is it a quest based skill based story oriented mmorpg like Runes of

Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,191

Well I think my title asks my question already. Is it a Fun skill based quest based, Story based mmorpg like Runes of magic or Atlantica? or is it more of an Asian grinder like... idk almost every F2P game on the market today..


I don't mind the graphics at all, IDC about graphics I just want a fun Fair cash shop non grind quest / innovation / story based mmorpg.


FAIR cash shop being probably the 2nd most important aspect, Is the game really Free 2 play or is it Free 2 play pay 2 win?


Is the cash shop fair priced, Im not paying above 15 dollars for ANY kind of permanent mount. And I will NEVER spend more than 10 dollars on any temporary items. RoM seems ok priced for me but the fact almost none of the cash shop items are NEEDED for anything makes it a good game for me. Is this games cash shop a must use, as in END GAME wise.


  • Lord_FiqLord_Fiq Member UncommonPosts: 31

    PDO is definitely a quest based and skill oriented mmorpg. I'm not sure abt RoM and Atlantica (didn't play them bcoz of offline trainer and turn-based action respectively, which turned me off), but PDO isn't too hard to grind in the beginning. Players can claim a certain amount of turbo charge exp time per week, leveling is quite easy for the first 1-60 levels as compared to other f2p mmorpgs. Quests are aplenty to do as the 5 states each have their own set of quests aside from the main storyline.

    As for cash shop, the game uses Phoenix Points (PP) instead, which in my opinion there is a downside to it. Virtually anything can be bought using PP. There are 2 currencies in the game world, in-game gold and PP points. In one server, everyone sells the skill scrolls (which is vital for your char) in PP currency. Hence, only those willing to buy using real cash can get their hands on the skill scrolls easily. Those who aren't, well have to wait for someone willing to sell the scrolls using gold or dropped from monsters.

  • Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,191

    Well thanks for info, I gave it a shot.. I really think I could have enjoyed the game especially if it was really Free 2 play and was not some sort of end game you need to spend 100 bucks a month to raid kinda scam game...


    Sadly the Max resolution is 1024X768.. and my monitor goes well over 2000s looks tinny on my screen. I wont be playing it, wish the reso went to at least 1440X900 I would prob consider it Over Atlantica online.

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