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I studied some aspects of the game, Phoenix Dynasty Online, becouse i'm willing to play it next mounth, there I saw some discursions about Job/Class and element, I really don't know much abou the game, But I want Know if the combo Job/Class/Element really affect the gaming experience, like PvP skills, character power or Job special addictions... This Combo really affect somethig?? Plz, Post a opnion...

Second some Info I got I made the Build: Mage/Jeweller/Water, is it a good idea?

Or Not ~~


  • Lord_FiqLord_Fiq Member UncommonPosts: 31

    The 3 aspects you mentioned are independant of each other and in my opinion, is up to you how you want to choose the combinations.

    Here's a basic rundown of the 3 aspects in PDO:

    1) Elements

    5 elements - Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire


    Metal - High attack damage

    Fire - Fast attack speed and dodge

    Wood - High HP

    Water - High MP

    Earth - High defence

    Each element have strengths and weakness over the other and forms a complete circle -

    Metal > Wood > Earth > Water > Fire > Metal

    2) Classes

    Paladin - melee warrior

    Assassin - basically an archer

    Mage - powerful spellcaster

    Priest - support and healer

    3) Job

    Weaponsmith - craft all kinds of weapons

    Armorsmith - armor & boots

    Leatherwork - helmet and gauntlets

    Jewelcrafter - necklace & ring

    Alchemist - special enhancing potions

    You can combine any if these 3 aspects in any which way you like. So you can be a Water/Mage/Jewelcrafter. So basically you will become a mage with seemingly endless mana to cast spells on your foes and you can make rings and necklaces to boost HP and MP. Or you can choose Metal/Paladin/Weaponsmith whom will become a hard-hitting melee warrior and capable of making your own blades as well as weapons for other classes. Its up to you really, once you understood what those 3 aspects do. Plus there is also a minor element which you can add upon reaching 50s.

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