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survival question

sinloisinloi Member UncommonPosts: 201

When Playing wow I always play hunter and I usually perfer dps last time I played the talent tree with different and only went up to about wyvern sting.


so I had my talent points sortof spread out.


but with the new cool survivor stuff I really want to go survival, what is a good race for that path or is that one setup sortof for any race.

I tend to play on battlegrounds alot, in fact I usually stick to defense. Like defending the flag in warsong or guarding the blacksmith in arathi...and it's always the blacksmith for some reason , no clue.


I was thinking tauren but wasn't sure if the size makes me a bigger target lol


  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,097

    Race doesn't ever make a large difference.

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  • MwajiMwaji Member Posts: 229

    Race does help ignore OP and make an Orc and get Bloodfury.  The AP bonus in the long run will help alot. Tauren is still really good for the CC but I would still go Orc. You won't technically be a bigger target, your hitbox is the same, but people wil still see you first obviously.

    0/20/51 is a common talent spec for general use for what you want, you get the int and stam buff directly to AP stack that with the 350+ ap you get with the orc Bloodfury and its not bad. Youll like explosive shot  as well.


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