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MUDs with RP an MMO player can get into?

glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

I'm interested in giving MUD RP a try, but I need a newbie friendly one thats active and has RP, preferably enforced.




  • CataclysmSoTCataclysmSoT Member Posts: 8

    Developer: Ixios

    Genre: First-person Roleplay-Enforced RPG

    Status: Open Beta

    Platforms: Windows

    Link: [url][/url]

    Sign-up/Download information: [url][/url]

    Email: [email][email protected][/email]

    Myspace: [url][/url]

    What is Shades of Truth? It is one of the most intense and in-depth online roleplaying games that has ever existed on the internet. If you enjoy "hardcore roleplaying" then this is one of the best games available for you to play.

    Taking place in a collectively shared Dreamstate, characters can determine the fate of an entire city. They can lead a House, study the nature of the world around them, battle forces that threaten the Dream, or become one of the most notorious villains in the City of Dream's history. The choice is entirely up to the player! There is no limit to the scope of the story the player wants to create while within the game.

    Shades of Truth is headed by a group of volunteers and is entirely 100% FREE to download and play. The current version of Shades of Truth is available for use while the project team develops and prepares the approaching release of an updated 3D client!

    So what are you waiting for? The City of Dreams awaits you!





  • glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

    How active is it?


  • CataclysmSoTCataclysmSoT Member Posts: 8

    Our player base is small, but growing daily. On average, there are 20+ players coming and going during peak hours, but the game level design isn't massive so they aren't scattered very thin. And as I've said, it gets bigger daily. So we imagine those numbers will continue to increase as we get exposure.


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

  • ImpacatusImpacatus Member Posts: 436

    That's not really a MUD is it?  When I think of of MUD, I usually think "telnet based text game", which shouldn't have system or platform requirements beyond the ability to telnet.

    If you're building an mmorpg, or if you'd like to share ideas or talk about this industry, visit Multiplayer Worlds.

  • glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

    Its not a MUD, and I'm still looking :(


  • LuckyRLuckyR Member UncommonPosts: 260

    try searching for Sojourn or Sojourn 3

  • glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

    Sojourn is now TorilMUD, apparently.

    And my name is Lodil on there :)


  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom Member Posts: 273
  • barren216barren216 Member Posts: 52


    BEST -game- I've ever played. awesome Roleplay. When I played it was almost like as soon as I logged in, I was my character. It was like, you didnt have to focus on roleplaying it just happened. But yes, best game ever I'd still play it if my girlfriend let me :D


    It's pretty addicting

  • KatrarKatrar Member Posts: 168

    If you are looking specifically for roleplay you may want to look past MUDs in general and look instead at MUSHes and MUXes. They are MUD derivatives that have evolved into pretty much the RP half of the telnet gaming world. There are cool RP enforced MUDs out there I am sure, but you will have an easier time finding RP on a MUSH or MUX I can almost guarantee.

    If, however, you are looking for a combat centric game that also has RP, then yes maybe stick with a MUD. MUDs have (generally speaking) far more advanced hardcoded combat/leveling etc than most MUSHes, which are generally story driven RP fests.

    Anyhow either way hope you find something fun. Text based gaming has taken many hits thanks to the rise of the MMO, but there are still many good games to play out there. I'd recommend a few but I have not been MU* active in years and am probably well out of the loop by now.

    And as mentioned earlier in the thread, is the best resource for finding sites. And you can see games by codebase as well (MUD, MUSH, etc).


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