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Tired of guild politics? Looking to start Naxx 10 man? - AFTERMATH - Rexxar - Alliance

pvthudson01pvthudson01 Member UncommonPosts: 53

Rexxar Server - Alliance



Hello everyone. We are looking to start Naxx and have downed the first boss but need some more consistent night time playing level 80's to help us in this goal

Rexxar Server - Alliance

AFTERMATH - is a guild that runs and works together FOR PLAYERS



<Aftermath> is an adult, family PvE progression guild that raids primarily on the weeknights and maybe one weekend day due to real life commitments. We focus on end-game grouping and 10 mans, but will do so at our own pace, prioritizing our lives over that of our characters.

We are primarily a CENTRAL TIME ZONE, North American guild. We will strive to get players of many timezones and play times however.

No guild member likes to log in and be ignored, or have nothing to do. If the guild does not help people or encourage camaraderie, you may as well be untagged. If your guild is stagnant and lacking direction then you need to consider a new avenue and place to call home.

For emphasis, we are not a ''hard-core'' raiding guild. Although we will have set raid times on some nights plans can change, and in no way are our schedules set in stone. Though we are casual there is a certain level of gear-up'ed-ness that any sane player would want to have before raiding.

This does not mean that we take raiding any less seriously then guilds who call themselves ''hard-core''. When we zone in, it's with game-faces on. We have everything needed to do our best and give it everything we can. This means appropriate talent spec, enchants, gems, pots, flasks or elixirs, other consumables and a basic knowledge of the instance and our class/role.

We enjoy playing, and having fun is the end goal. Common antics include teasing, joking, innuendo, killing each other in interesting and funny ways, and of course screen capping the misconduct for review by all later.

At the same time, we still want to progress. We want to make the most of our time on raid nights, and want to be able to do so with the least time invested.

NEEDS: (low we have a lot, high we need more)





Q u o t e:

''I just wanted to thank everyone in the guild. I have really great fun with you guys and this is a great group of people. This guild makes me laugh and i just have an awesome time. I love being in this guild and you guys are great. A lot of people have gone out of their way to help me.''



  • pvthudson01pvthudson01 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    We have formed and have:

    1) 4 bank tabs

    2) 15 man vent server

    3) tabard has been voted on and created! We had a design contest by the members

    4) about 17-18 players per night running around helping each other

  • pvthudson01pvthudson01 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    How the guild is doing one month in:

    So, how is Aftermath doing? Let’s check out some stats to answer that. Well, way back on December 21 2008 (I know it was long time ago so let’s think real hard), the guild Aftermath was formed in Rexxar PvE server/realm. On that day we had a total if 10 members in the guild and several others knocking on the door. The idea of the name for the guild spawned from our fearless leader’s brother, Arinos <The Brave> (I made that up. It sounds like a brave title for him).

    In 3 weeks and 4 days (time hack 8 Jan 09) we have grown over 600% to 69 members (yeah my math is probly way off but it looks dang awesome on paper. I will not even point out we are at 69 members). I think those numbers rock! Also, everyone of our members have been awesome helping out other without anything in return. People run people through instances, group for quests, chat in vent, and run naked through the woods to say Happy Birthday. So, what is everybody playing? I thought the same thing so I looked it up to give you the information.


    17% Paladins

    13% Death Kinghts

    13% Warriors

    11% Druids

    11% Mages

    …and the rest are below 10% with Shamans bringing up the rear with only 4 total in the guild and my alt is one of those 4.


    Humans are #1 with 40% of the members and Night Elves coming in second with 25%. What is surprising is our sex choice is  Male at 65% and female at 35%.


    So how are our levels? Where is the grunt of our people? Right now the two most played level spreads are between 1-20 and 70-80. The rest is so evenly spread we could help a level 40 toon and 10 other level 30-50 could do the same thing. It is a great spread and the good part is the levels fly by so fast until we all bottleneck at 70. 70-80 takes close to the same time 1-70 takes and that is good thing for us altaholics and re-rolls.


  • pvthudson01pvthudson01 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    Recruitment is back open !

  • pvthudson01pvthudson01 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    Currently we are seeking DPS classes and a solid tank level 50+

  • pvthudson01pvthudson01 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    NOTH THE PLAGUE BRINGER has been slain by Aftermath!

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