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The level 100 Epic Quest Guida

When a player reaches level 100, he will not gain any more Experience. If he wants to continue levelling up, he must finish the ''to be Immortal'' quest. After finishing the quest, he can ascend to higher levels and receive immortal points.




Using immortality points:

1.After finishing the ''to be Immortal'' quest, players can ascend to a maximum level of 150.

2.After gaining immortality points, a player will receive magic as he obtains immortality points. Therefore, he doesn't need to kill mobs for magic any more.

3.After gaining immortality points, a player's attribute values will also increase.


Introduction to the ''To be Immortal'' quest:

I. Beginning:

1. NPC: The Disciple of Elemental Saint in the Elder Elemental Fairy Realm

2. Requirement: Level 95 or higher; Reputation level 6 or higher.

II. Procedure:

1. Talk with the Disciple of Elemental Saint in the Elder Elemental Fairy Realm to receive your quest.

2. Visit the Teacher, the Skill Trainer in Phoenix Village, the Reputation Officer and Nestor.

3. Enter the Sky Perch and defeat the six bosses. bosses drop important materials that you will need to forge Heroic Armor.

4. If you finish collecting all the materials, create the seven pieces of the armor.

5. After reaching level 100, take the seven armor pieces to the Disciple of Elemental Saint so he can bless them.

6. The Disciple of Elemental Saint will enable you obtain immortality points and your maximum level will be 150. Your Heroic Armor will be blessed and their attributes will be strengthened.



One can't enter the Hanging Sky Perch without a Phoenix Medallion.

One can get a Phoenix Medallion by upgrading other medals in your possession. One can buy other medals from Necks with 400 thousand gold or buy them from other players.

Heroic Armor doesn't possess any notable attributes until the Disciple of the Disciple of Elemental Saint blesses it.

After being blessed, the attributes of the Heroic Armor will be strengthened. But if you bless it, its refining level will become zero and its inlaid gems will be removed.

Therefore don't refine it or inlay gems in it before blessing it.


III. Obtaining the Armor pieces:

Bosses on the Hanging Sky Perch will drop armor materials when they die.


IV. Bless the suit:

Have the Disciple of the Immortal Yuan bless the Heroic Armor.


V. Introduction to blessing:

After being blessed, more gems can be inlaid in the Heroic Armor. The durability and the price of the items are greatly increased.



One must have an unblessed suit of Heroic Armor to finish the To be Immortal quest. One can't finish the quest with a blessed suit of armor. Each player can only finish the To be Immortal quest once.


Hanging Sky Perch


The players holding the Phoenix Medallion can enter the scene via the Sky Altar

Scene features:

1. Town Portals can't be used in the scene.

2. Players can revive in this scene.

The six bosses on the Hanging Sky Platform

Dou the Tiger:

Dou the Tiger is followed by six other mobs. When Dou dies and if the other mobs are still alive, one of them will sacrifice itself to revive the other dead mobs. Moreover, whenever one of the six mobs dies, another revives to take its place.

Blue Cropweed:

Duplicates itself, doubling its n umber each time.

Ice Dog:

Teleports players to other bosses.



Uses area stun skills.

Cruel Light:

Summons heavenly soldiers and the heavenly generals.


The Plowman:

Banishes the targeted player until the Plowman dies or everyone is banished.


Class Medals


Daoist Master Xing on the Summit of Mount Tai


Obtaining class medals:

A player who reaches level 50 can spend all his stamina and 30 thousand gold to buy a class medal. Universal class medals can also be bought from Daoist Master Xing at a cost of 120 thousand gold.


Upgrading medals:

Medals can be upgraded according to the following rules:

Five Paladin Medals of different elemental alignment can be upgraded to one Medal of Paladin Honor.

Five Assassin Medals of different elemental alignment can be upgraded to one Medal of Assassin Honor.

Five Wizard Medals of different elemental alignment can be upgraded to one Medal of Wizard Honor.

Five Priest Medals of different elemental alignment can be upgraded to one Medal of Priest Honor.

Four Medals of Honor can be upgraded to a Phoenix Medallion.

Obtaining Homeland Medals:

Guilds who have more than 30 thousand activity points can buy Homeland Medals from the Homeland Market.


Upgrading Homeland Medals:

Five Guard Town Medals can be upgraded to a Medal of Guard Town Honor.

Three District Medals can be upgraded to a Medal of District Honor.

A Medal of Guard Town Honor, a Medal of District Honor and a Capital Medal can be upgraded to the Baiyue Medal.


Note: In the future, there will be quests which can strengthen the medals


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    This quest is too difficult to finish.  Hope this guide can help me.

    I really want to go on finding more interesting things in this game.

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